March, 2015 – Part I

The photo tour begins in Brisbane. It’s only me again and I feel like I can take on the whole world. I spend my first days in cafes organising the chaos to come. The calm before the storm.

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February, 2015.

I lead two lives. Some days I am Nirrimi and some days I am mama. It is the beginning of February and I am mama now.

I let life stand still when I am with Alba. I float through the days with her little hand in mine. Mostly the floating is nice, sometimes I want to fall to the earth and run and run and run as fast as I can towards all there is out there.

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Photo Tour

I’m touring with my camera again in September, road-tripping across the east coast and shooting every day. I have a feeling this may be the last tour I do in a long time before beginning workshops so I plan to make it the best yet.

If you’re a label, a lover, an aspiring model/actress, a mama+child or you’d just like portraits taken while running around beautiful places to look back on when you’re old – Email me with your details, I’ll email you mine and we can make magic together: hellonirrimi@gmail.com


8th / 9th / 10th

12th / 13th

17th / 18th