A week with Alba

I followed Alba around for a week with my camera as a snapshot of what she was like at 3. From our home in Perth, to roadtripping with friends, to adventures on mountains, to veggie burgers and ice-cream. October, 2015.

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  1. You and your family are so beautiful! I think this is the best gift a mother could give to her child and the best gift you can give to us. Sharing your life with Alba makes me think about my own childhood and how wonderful it felt to be young, full of energy, and so present in every single moment. Thank you for documenting, creating and sharing a story that reminds me to live life like I did as a child. Lots and lots of love you gorgeous and magnificent artist!

  2. This is so indescribably beautiful, I have no words. Could you tell me what camera you used? I feel so inspired to start filming myself I don’t know where to gather all my ideas!

  3. Oh, thank you for this! What a beautiful piece of love and inspiration. My little boy just turned 3 and he loved watching this, too.

    I found myself thinking what a good mother you must be, to give her all these opportunities to grow and learn and be a part of your adventures. It’s so easy to get frustrated at a 3 year old slowing you down, or the endless toddler dirt and drama. Instead, you’re choosing to focus on the love and beauty and wonder of it all. Thank you for making this beautiful piece and inspiring the rest of us to refocus, as well. Thank you for reminding me what a rare and exquisite journey this is.

  4. Wow, you have captured so beautiful and ordinary moments!!!
    This Video is so wonderful and heartwarming.

    People like you will make this world a better place, hopefully. At least you bring joy to many of us. Thank you 🙂 And please give Alba a big hug from a Berlin based Mami. 

  5. this is the sweetest video, what a free spirit she is, just like her mama. i love the part in the end, butterfly’s make me happy too, Alba. 

  6. So incredibly lovely! There are so many small gestures you’ve captured that are the essence of three-ness. This will be such a great time capsule for you and Alba to treasure as she grows. My little one is 6 and I see time racing so fast. I love the idea of a week in the life project. Thanks for the inspiration and all the beauty and joy (and everything in between) that you share.

  7. That’s just such a beautiful video! You chaptered wonderful moments, I absolutely love it! You and your work is so inspiring xx

  8. Oh my goodness that end bit just killed me! I laughed so hard, I’m pretty sure I said exactly the same thing this weekend.

  9. This is so beautiful, something Alba is going to enjoy when she’s older. Thanks for sharing =)

  10. I am now sitting here with tears of happiness in my eyes and as soon as this this comment is send, i will watch the video over and over again. I love everything about it. of course, this beautiful soul, this magical fairy-adventour-warrior-princess-beetle you call your daughter, but as well i am moved by your skill to not just find beauty in every little thing but let me, who never met you, feel it as well. Thank you so much for sharing, you motivate me to go out there and welcome all there is to come with arms and heart wide open!
    With love from germany, Jo.

  11. Alba is beautiful. And your outstanding work reflects best her beautiful soul.
    I love your work, it is pure, full of life, nature, love and happiness, full of the small things in life, which are actually the greatest things.

    Love and Light

  12. Oh Nirrimi,
    thank you for sharing! I love it! So so sweet… makes me want a daughter, or a child in general.

    Alba is magic!

  13. This is so precious. Love this and the rest of your work ; i was just rereading some of your older posts and i am constantly in awe of how brave you are and the honest way you portray your life. 

    Lots of of love from France to all of your sweet family

  14. what a beautiful and amazing way to record Alba’s childhood. precious precious memories.

  15. I love this soo much! I’ve actually thought for a very long time that I didn’t want children… and I’m slowly changing my mind and thinking I might. Thank you for showing through your blog and photos how beautiful motherhood can be. <3

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