Alba is One

And though I would have never thought it possible, I love her more on this day than the day she was born.

(Birthday cake recipe adapted from My New Roots. Birthday crown by Papa from flowers in our street.)

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  1. I am 25 years old and I am also called Alba, my birthday is also the 29th January. Your words are like the words arelike that of my own mother. Your photos and your message really touched me. I hope all the best for your little Alba and hope she has the adventures that I am having and that she becomes your best friend just like me and my mother are.

  2. We’ve entertaining having, lead to I found just what exactly I had been searching for. You’ve ended the four working day very long search! Our god Appreciate it man. Have a very fantastic morning. Cya

  3. Hello! Like everybody else I absolutely love your blog. But I just want to say that the birthdaycakelink do not work anymore. And I really want to try to make one. Is there possibly any chans that you could find the recipe again and give it to me? Many hugs
    Miranda from Sweden

  4. happy birthday, alba! i hope you all had a wonderful day and that when she is old enough, she will understand the love that everyone around her has for her, and your family.

  5. Oh! I so love your photos, your precious little family, and your deep inspiring words 🙂 Your little family reminds me so much of my own, only perhaps a tad freer as our own Papa gets a bit caught in the practicalities. But there is a core enegy in your photos that is familiar to me in another way as well. I was born in South Africa, and although my parents left before I turned two, that wild, courageous and creative energy has shaped my existence. Somehow it resonates here in your photos and is reflected back, so thank you 🙂

  6. Your poetry is so photogenic. Or is it your photography that is so poetic ? Beautiful atmosphere on your site, we share your sweet sweet world. Happy Birthday to your beloved Alba, very touching is the letter too. Thanks ~ *

  7. You have a gift, flat out. For words, for photos….but for more than that. For capturing a moment and a feeling where others can only capture images….the love you have for your child is palpable. I love your blog! And that journal entry was so moving. Now I can’t wait to have kids!

  8. How I have only just stumbled upon your blog is disgraceful. I wish I had found it sooner. Your photography is beautiful, as is your family. Pleasure to be able to read about your journey. Madison x

  9. Wauw! So beautiful pictures.
    I love the letter you have written Alba. I really think it will be one of her closest, most important belongings.
    You are truly inspiring!

  10. such sweet pictures Nirrini, as always. Love and care sparkling all around your beautiful Alba (which in my language means dawn, but you surely know already) and her loving family…

  11. I live in a country where the snow’s been lying on the sidewalks for the last 6 months. Every single photo here made me feel like it’s summer again. Thank you, all the best to Alba!

  12. I love the photo of alba feeding you. The look on her face is so adorable… it’s like she’s going “ahhhh! open up mum!” beautiful set of photos, as always.
    love from New Zealand x

  13. Alba is so beautiful and your love for her is so strong. I feel it too, for my own daughter, so I can relate to your words so much.
    I’m also 20 .. and my daughter will be two in July. I’m just stumbling upon your blog now and it is such a beautiful collection of words and photographs.

  14. You and your beautiful, curious, evolving family have always inspired me. I hope to capture my life, and future family with such passion as you do with yours.
    Your words and photographs are made out of love, truth and light.
    And I am so happy I am able to read, and look at them.
    Thank you for sharing.
    And Happy First Birthday, Moonflower!

  15. most beautiful little sunshine, her face looks so adorably intelligent too
    lots of loving for your family Nirrimi

  16. I love your photos and your story. Every day I check your blog to see what’s new. Your photo is amazing and perfect. And I have a question, if you answer me, I will be very grateful. I’m a begginer photografer and I’m interested what kind of camera and lens you use? 🙂 You have beautiful doughter, greetings!

  17. The letter you wrote for her is so beautiful, i can almost feel your love to Alba radiating through the monitor :’)
    Congratulation on Alba’s first birthday! Even though i don’t know her in person, reading stories about her brings me joy, just like her name. All the blessings for your beautiful family!

    Love, Aini

  18. Can I simply just say what a relief to uncover somebody who truly understands what they’re discussing on the internet. You actually realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people have to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you’re not more popular since you definitely
    have the gift.

  19. Alba is growing up so fast! I hope you all enjoyed the birthday celebrations. The little passage you wrote to her was written so beautifully and, as always, was a pleasure to read. Sending birthday celebrations in spirit! xxx

  20. funny how time flies, your little angel is already one year old. She is fortunate to have you in this crazy world. What a lovely piece of scenery and thought (of yours) you share to all of us!

  21. I love the picture of Alba feeding you cake, her mouth open, to let you know it’s time for foodies. Children are so much more intelligent than they are given credit for.

  22. Om jag fick drömma…då skulle jag smyga med bakom för att få ta in känslan när ni fotograferar och hur ni tänker när ni komponerar era bilder. För jag njuter något så oerhört av era bilder! Grattis till ettåringen och till ettåringens föräldrar 🙂


  23. Your baby has the most “far away” eyes I’ve ever seen. I really think she’ll grow up to be one with the wind. She’s absolutely beautiful!

  24. Happy birthday to Alba! Your letter to her is so beautiful; I’m sure that when she is old enough to read it, it will fill her with joy and love. I adore the second last photograph especially. She looks so inquisitive and content.

  25. Just wanted to congratulate you on being an amazing mother and an inspiration to all. To Alba, joyeux anniversaire mon ange!

  26. has it been a year already? it seems like just a few months ago that alba was born. the first birthday is always the biggest, so happy birthday, alba joy! 🙂

  27. I love how u write and live. My dream is to be just like you, but only through the way I see it and not how it really is. Much love, Jessica

  28. She is absolutely beautiful. What a sweet, sweet baby. What beautiful moments you have captured in your photos and with your words. Happy Birthday, Alba.

  29. I recently had a my first child and reading this brought tears to my eyes, as it somehow finds a way to somewhat express how deep the love is between a mother and child.

  30. i came to tears reading your letter.
    so lovely you are 🙂
    wish Alba a merry , happy birthday..let it be so for all her birthdays:)

  31. Your words and photos are so serene and tranquil, they fill me with calm.
    Happy first birthday Alba.
    Claire Nina x x

  32. Im a new reader and Im glad to have found your blog. You have such a beautiful family.

    Happy birthday precious Alba!

  33. You are such a beautiful soul…Alba is blessed beyond belief to have a momma like you. She is one very lucky little girl to be surrounded by so much love. I have really loved reading your posts as she has grown this past year. Happy Birthday Alba and thank you for all your honestly and gently writings…your words are just as lovely as you and your family are.
    Sarah xo

  34. If I knew that I would meet or hear about Alba when she’s a grownup, I would say that I can’t wait that to happen. I find myself pretty much sane and okay as a human being, and I would really want to know what such people who are loved as much as Alba end up to be. I also wonder what people like Alba and Trace Bundy’s son Sawyer for example will think when they understand that most people’s childhood hasn’t been as visible to the public as theirs.
    I actually know one person who has wonderful pictures of her childhood and I’m secretly jealous.

  35. I really admire you. Your writings, your outlook on life, your passion and photography work and more.
    I follow you for a few years now and I had to say this.

    Happy birthday to that beautiful, little sweetheart!

  36. I’ve been subscribing to nirrimi’s updates for quite sometime.
    Reason ? Beautiful Little Alba.
    Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
    God Bless :*

  37. it is so hard to believe your beautiful little creature is one. i remember reading about her birth right when i found out i was pregnant with my little girl. it gave me hope, courage, peace, and such a thrill of excitement for when my time would come. and now my own precious girl is 6 months old. how time flies! sad and beautiful, this earth. happy birthday, dearest alba!

  38. Your pictures and family is so lovely! You a truly an inspiration, I hope I can one day find happiness and peace like you! xx

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