bic runga

last year sony flew us to new zealand to shoot bic runga’s album cover. i wrote about it here.

below are some images i like & a little film by m.

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  1. These photographs are just breathtaking. The one where Bic is slouched on the bed reminds me of times when i feel lost but don’t know why.
    Love them all.

  2. This is incredibly amazing. Very touching and unique. I would applaud if you could hear me.

  3. Wow, you really captured her beauty in these photos, I have never seen such an enchanting performer. Loved the photo they ended up using for the cover of Belle too! xx

  4. So super happy that you’re back! Beautiful new layout with a beautiful new post. I hope you enjoyed NZ when you were here, I can’t wait to listen to Bic’s new album. Gorgeous.

    xx Olivia

  5. I first heard bic runga in a jewelry shop in Venice, Italy in 2004. I didn’t know who she was but I was mesmerized by her songs. I asked the shop owner for the album information and bought it the same day.

    Beautiful shots.

  6. You don’t know how happy I am to see new posts on your site that’s with a new layout too! Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. My life would have been empty without all the inspiration I get from you guys. Can’t believe my eyes. Thank you bothxxxxx

  8. Gorgeous post. One of my favourite so far. But I might be a bit biased, being kiwi and all. I think you captured such a dark and quiet part of Bic in these pictures, it goes with her music so beautifully. I might add that being overseas for almost a year and a half, these photos have made me suddenly very homesick…!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful little snippets of life with us Nirrimi, I love that your posting every day for now. You’re inspiring me to fight harder to find (and show) my heart in my photography.

  9. Wonderful photos, as usual. They carry this unique touch that says “nirrimi”.

    And amazing video by matt, what a couple u two are 🙂

  10. hello laura,
    i’m not entirely sure as the brand sent it to me. but i would say black natural 🙂

  11. The photo of her leaning against the glass . exquisite. And all of the beach photos. Adore. And the photo of her in the long grass.

  12. ah sorry send it to early! you can see the colours in the american apparel online shop…

    i know its a stupid not so relevant question, sorry for that!!

    thank you already for just beeing you!!!! LOVE to you 3! laura

  13. hey nirrimi! this is not an sooo important question, but i would love to know 🙂 hopefully you will answer me! 🙂

    in your iphone diary post you are wearing a cardigan from american apparel on two photos.(i think it’s the modal shawl cardigan, right?) i just wanted to know if its in the colour “Rogue Boucle” or “Black Natural Acrylic Boucle

  14. your photos are always so beautiful and true, and always gives me a huge amount of inspiration. they make me miss taking pictures even more than before! (but I can not due to illness)

    oh, by the way, it seems as if you have an incredible taste in music. will you share it with us?

  15. You and M are just magical. Everything about the two of you just amazes me and with little alba in the world now, the three of you will inspire and do amazing things 🙂

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