blood & water

earlier this year we flew to melbourne to shoot for a hairstylist friend, maria.

on the drive to the airport we passed the apartment we used to live in, right in the heart of the city. i couldn’t help it, a part of me ached for those times of wild freedom and youth. but the feeling was more a mourning of time passing than anything, those times were ugly and life now is just as it should be.

we had dinner with some of the team in a popular melbourne restaurant in the city. it was loud, crowded and dark and everyone who passed cooed at alba. an elderly lady offered to hold her while we ate and watching alba brought a glow to her eyes. i walked to the windows and showed her, ‘this is the city where mama and papa first met and lived’.

it was alba’s first time in a hotel room. after a family shower we all snuggled up in the big, fresh bed and fell asleep.

the next morning we drove an hour out to a big property beside a lake. it was idyllic. i explored, writing ideas in a notebook with a new friend who’d come to help, claire.

even though it was a job it didn’t feel like we were working. it was incredible fun running around and laughing and shooting. i felt disheartened before and this reminded me of why i loved shooting so much to begin with. the team was so kind and sweet they felt like family and that feeling of relief when you wrap up a shoot is terrific.

it is always so effortless shooting with alba in tow, with her papa wearing her and introducing her to all the wonderful little things of the earth. i have much to thank him for. he makes life run smoothly.

we flew home the same night and drove from the airport back to our cold, familiar house at 3am.

models: yani @ viviens

catherine @ scene

photographer: nirrimi

assistant: claire alice young

hair/make up: maria gullace @

stylist: connel chang @ hart&co agency
h/m assistants: christina aubry and amy pruitt


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  1. It has always amazed me how you can turn simple things to beauty. I think I’ve never been that fan of a photographer, and I really have learned a lot from you. Thank you for having so much talent, and thank you for sharing it, including from The Color Shop 🙂

  2. these photos are so pretty ♥
    the models are so pretty ♥
    i love your blog so much, it’s my favorite blog.
    i hope you get my e-mail and you will write back soon.

  3. Such beautiful photographs, beautiful models, beautiful everything. I love coming to your blog and being reminded of the beauty in life. Your birth story was such an inspiration to me during my natural birth with my son. Every word was so beautiful.

  4. You are exceptionally talented but your photographs falter and fall with the amount of ‘post-processing’ or ‘editing’ (whatever you wish to call it) that you put into them. They disconnect them from what is real and appear sadly non-genuine to me. I would love to see you have the confidence to shoot your beautiful models in such idyllic scenery and present them without falsifying colour, shadow, light and tones to such an extreme degree. You do not take ‘photographs’ you create ‘images’.

  5. Your photos are beautiful. You did a wonderful job on the shoot!
    I am so inspired that you take Alba with you everywhere.
    You are an incredible mama.

  6. Oh my god! I love these photos, you’re my favorite photographer of all time! + I love Yani so much, she is the most beautiful girl I ever seen. Loved last shoots with her too! 🙂

  7. Wow, Nirrimi, I can’t explain how much I love your work! All your photos are lovely and perfect. You’re so inspiring!!
    Lovely greetings from Berlin ♥

  8. yani and the horse…. she is darn gorgeous. and the willow strands, nirrimi, beautiful idea. you are lucky to have each other. we in the world are lucky to have each other, and the plants. x

  9. My fist thought was ‘oh good, another post by Nirrimi’…my second was ‘wow that is a huuuge cat!’ Beautiful photos as always! You are an inspiration to actually learn how to use my camera properly!

  10. One of the best thing is to wake up in the morning & see there is a new post from Nirrimi! Nothing can beat starting off your day flooded with inspiration. Wonderfully captured images. I can’t seem to pick a favorite, such a feast of beauty. xx

  11. You have put so much heart in your pictures and words that made them incredibly awesome. I wish I can take photos and write as great as you do.

  12. Hi. These are just amazing. Great colours and light. Fantastic. Wondering if you used one of your actions from The Color shop? Or if this is one of your secret actions?

  13. Beautiful location and amazing shoot! Your style is just breathtaking. The bokeh makes it feel light yet conveys such a strong, moody atmosphere.
    Thank you for sharing.

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