so i spent my last week of seventeen with these boys. handsome and crazy. i was shooting a campaign in sydney and it involved making bonfires on beaches, taking shots of tequila, throwing parties and driving around sydney to find beautiful places to get out and run amok. we acted real young and stupid, especially the night i turned eighteen, but that story is coming.

there are a lot of posts that need to be, but for now this is the most up to date. i’ll just have to take you back in time a little with the ones that are coming.

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  3. You weren't even 18 before? Wow, my life feels ridiculously inadequate now…Such amazing photos!

  4. You are my biggest inspiration! Ah, I want to have your talent or live your life. You sound like you are having a blast! How did you get found??
    How did you get noticed in an industry that is so difficult to get a job in??
    Please email me(if you could ever get the time!)

  5. Great angles there nirrimi, and as per usual, capturing lifestyles in the form of still work very well!

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