Camp Bliss

Last November I rented a villa in the rice fields of Ubud, Bali and invited over twenty creatives from all over the world to join. I named our coming together ‘Camp Bliss.’

There are parts of me that would love to unravel the entire story of that intense, life-altering month, but for now you’ll have to forgive my silence and let the photographs do the story-telling. I left my camera untouched, but thankfully I was surrounded by talented photographer friends.

I will leave you with just one of my favourite memories.

It was in the beginning of Camp Bliss. I was always giggling, europhic and in disbelief at the way everything had come together. Here I was surrounded by new friends in paradise and our days together felt like a dream.

This starry night we decided to go skinny dipping in the pool. Music played and crickets chirped as we snacked on fresh papaya and watched the night sky. Warm water slipped and swam around our bare skin.

A sense of awe was shared by us all. Us wide-eyed children. Together we spoke of the immense beauty that surrounded us, of being good humans and artists, of being alive. Our words felt powerful, as though they were more than words. We put our arms around the shoulders of those beside us and we spun laughing in circles. When we stopped the stars were still spinning.

We were all more grateful than we could put to words that night.

By Bella Kotak

 By Jess Hay

By Savannah Daras

 By Chrissie White

 By Dominque Felicity

 By Melanie Ziggel

 By Clare Alice Young

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  1. Nirrimi are u going to do that Camp again?? I would like to ask u how to join to tha kind of meetings with you?? is is possible?? im from poland and im following you since 4 years, because i love your photos and i dreaming of making a photo session with you! Im going for holiday to Ubud in november this year and im wondering maybe there will be a chance to meet u….? I know the question can be ridiculous but sometimes i believe that some thing can happend when u really want it and when u have a passion u always meet right people to do the same things! greets from Poland! 🙂

  2. Wow Nirimi. Just wow you are such a big inspiration to me. You made me realize that we can be beautiful without makeup and live life without regrets and apreciate nature. You are gorgeous and Alba is infinitely lucky to be your daughter. You inspire me❤️

  3. Seeing all of these amazing pictures your friends took, really, really made me want to go to Bali for a month or two next year. I think I might gather some of my creative friends and rent a villa, just as you all guys did, because it really seemed to be heaven there. Thank you for always being such an inspiration 😉 Lots of love from Paris.

  4. this is so incredible…too much beauty for words!
    the pictures have so much soul in them. thanks for sharing! xo

  5. Those photos are absolutely beautiful. Looks like an amazing creative retreat. I would love to be a part of something like this one day.

  6. Those photos are absolutely beautiful. Looks like an amazing creative retreat. Would love to be a part of something like this one day.

  7. Wow, a fantastic experience, that must be full of fun. I love those photos, very nice, I want to be there too:) Thanks for your sharing, nice blog!!!

  8. Today I was telling a friend about the magic you create here. What I love most, is that your posts inspire movement. Each time I am moved to get up and do something away from this screen, in reality with other human beings.
    Thank you for this gift.

  9. wow the pictures are wonderful! They are all telling a story with their beautiful colours

  10. Glad to see you blogging again! This may be a little off topic, but do you know about this: If not, please take your time to take a look at it and if you like, share it on your fb-wall! Making this happen would mean an environmental revolution, and you’ve got so many followers, thus the power to make this reach more like-minded people. Thank you!

  11. So true, not many words needed. Beautiful visual quality. Love!
    Just wondering, where did you stay in Ubud?

  12. I can’t even! I want to go to Bali so so bad. I am in love with the island, the people living there, the mentality. These photos makes me wanna take of immediately!

  13. I love your representation of Bali, I have so many friends who’ve travelled there just for the parties, cheap alcohol and to ride an elephant I love that you show such a different side, it’s definitely on my to visit list now.


  14. Dear Nirrimi. I love your blog and I LOVE your photos. I’ve developed an interest for photograhy myself and was wondering if you would make a blog post about good tips for taking good photos. As far as I know you are self taught right? It would be really interesting to know how you discovered what works and what doesn’t.
    Kind regards all the way from Copenhagen

  15. I usually don’t comment on your blog for some weird reason. I suppose you can look at me as one of your many silent readers, but all of these images, one word: WOW! Absolutely stunning and incredibly gifted photographers.

  16. yours is one of my favorite blogs. every time you post something new it reminds me that beautiful things happen all the time.


  17. Just wanted to finally comment after a long time of following your blog. You are such an inspiration. Your talent with beautifully stringing together words and capturing such stunning pictures is simply mesmerising! I always feel so creatively fulfilled and inspired having read one of your posts!

  18. All your post are amazing. I have been following for a while and I can’t help think about how stunning your words and photographs are.

  19. Amazing pictures ! Always enjoy watching them so much ! 🙂 i would like to be as good as you one day and travel as much as you do ! 🙂 have a nice day mom with a beautiful child 🙂

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