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  3. Great pics Nirrimi, I hope this is the first of a loooooooooooot!
    Diesel is italian, so I hope to see them soon around my city 🙂
    I'll promise I'll take some pics for you!
    Are you back in Australia?

  4. amazing photos! i love the one with the mannequin especially 🙂
    good luck with the campaign, although you don't really need it by the look of things 🙂

  5. Bahahahaha how funny, the one with the manakin against the tree is hilarious! and the last one is too. I love the first one photo-wise especially.
    So excited for you and your first campaign!

  6. these aren't retouched by the way, just put through a single batch action for contrast. there are so many photos i don't have time to retouch them separately unfortunately. 🙁

  7. jesus christ

    sometimes i wish i had your life aha a lot of the time really
    even my mother knows all about you

    these are exceptional nirrimi

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