24 love notes

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  2. Your colors are 100 times better than Diesel's. They should have hired you to do the editing!
    I've looked at these images various times, without commenting, but you should be extremely proud of yourself. You've captured that sort of wild-spirited essence of Diesel, while giving it your own stamp. Really amazing.

  3. love them!
    no sooner than i read this post did i see these images reblogged on tumblr.
    you are a real inspiration N. x

  4. Oh, I'm in love with that feiry red-headed model!!!

    More utter brilliance from the genius Nirrimi herself!!! This is a perfect first campaign! It rocks!!

  5. Hey Nirrimi I was just wondering if you had to submit a treatment to the agency before going ahead of if you were selected to do the shoot due to previous treatments you add to your images?

  6. These are beautiful! Deffinately the best ones from the Diesel shoot. The girl with gingery/brown hair is unbelieveably gorgeous!

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