Fairylight Nights

I stay with all kinds of people when I travel. This trip in Sydney I am staying a few nights with a fellow lilac-haired photographer named Rachela, she invited me along to watch her friend’s play at the Oxford Art Factory and then everyone came back to her fairylit home. I stayed up until sunrise editing.

I often find myself being just the quiet girl with the camera and last night I didn’t mind a bit.

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  1. Hi, Nirrimi
    I first discovered your blog when Alba was born. It felt like a fairytale, and I could never imagine that you and Matt would be apart someday. You know, Alba is the proof that you lived a beautiful story and it will always glow through her. Now you’ll discover new worlds and build new little paradises.
    It’s always a bless to see how you capture this moments of youth in such a beautiful way. Your pictures feel very real, like little pieces of a story that we can only watch from far, everytime we gets to close…we wake-up. Like a dream.
    Thanks for sharing this glimpses of your life with us, you’re so young and the way that you seem to understand the world (or contemplate it with no judments) truly shows through your pictures. You’re talented and special, the mother of a moonflower, a hunter of feelings that sets them free.
    If you ever want to visit Paris, tell me. =)

  2. I once met a girl who I immediately felt could be a new friend. We went longboarding one day and the next she invited me and my boyfriend to a garden party she was having.
    The environment reminded me of this, and for me it was really uncomfortable. Everyone was just talking about drugs – everything from mushrooms to kokain. Most guest were pierced everywhere, girls were making out with girls – peoples hair was chopped of here and there and colored like the rainbow.
    This is such an extreme environment that I felt she didn’t really think about who I was before she invited me. I actually have a hard time around people who only express themselves through their appearance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hippie or if you’re a snobby fashionista. Putting all that time on your appearance often results on not putting as much time into understanding your values. That’s just some thoughts I’ve had… but I understand if a lot of people don’t feel the same way. We’re all different.

  3. It’s funny how that happens, huh. Creative energy flows from the most kindred of places, places we don’t expect, and can’t always stage. I love this photo series. From the soft ferns climbing the walls and the fairy light vines to the soft way people move in the photos. Bohemian. The second photo to the last is especially enchanting. Thanks for sharing these lovely worlds, Nirrimi.

  4. Oh wow oh wow oh wow this looks like a staged shoot for a fashion magazine, it’s so perfect. And I myself feel most comfortable when I’m “the quiet girl with the camera.” It takes any bits of social anxiety and tosses them out the window because I don’t even feel like I’m there.


  5. Your images evoke such raw beauty. Your subjects seem to be so carefree, wild, and passionate. I am inspired (as always with your gorgeous images!) x

  6. These are magical, Nirimi, they make me long for my lost youth, and revel in it’s memory. Thanks!

  7. Do you still use blogger to blog? Like I know you have a domain, but is your base still blogger? I find posting photos there quite problematic, like the help request you shared on facebook regarding resizing images. Hope you found something that worked in the end?

  8. These photos and these people are indeed mesmerising. Second photo from the bottom… hypnotic. So much love. Oh and I love cuddle puddles.. they look blissed 🙂 xx

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