First Aid Kit

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Last July I went on tour with my favourite band across America. Above is a montage of our adventures,
& below is the photo series I captured on the road. This is the story. The beauty in all the little moments.

Minutes before the first show of the American tour.
Johanna & her little brother sinking into a motel pool in the heat of the Deep South.
Signing endless autographs.
A little girl recognises the sisters on the street.
Klara getting ready for a show under fairylight-strung trees in Austin, Texas.
Johanna fills a bath with fruit loops and milk.
A little studio set up outside the Artist’s Lounge at a festival in Birmingham, Alabama.
Klara sleeping in after we spent the night drinking in a dive bar and singing karaoke.
Little feathers stuck to the wall in a festival trailer.
The sisters dancing and playing around backstage.
Embracing green after the grey of so many cities.
Crossing a river outside the Wolf Trap Theatre.
Johanna’s Mama helping her with her dress.
Pre-Show ritual.
Post-show buzz.
Johanna watching unfamiliar places pass through the tour bus window.
Festival crowds like colourful seas of people.
Klara writes lyrics on her hand so she won’t forget them at the Newport Folk Festival.
Playing in a water fountain in Columbus, Ohio.
Headlining in Detroit, singing along with the crowd.
Exploring another city.
The girl’s Mama & Papa, sometimes the family joins their tour.
The stillness that sets in just before walking on stage.
Matching tattoos. Johanna, Klara, Mama.
Playing for the CBS morning show.
Our little capsule beds on the bus.
Magic in the pre-show madness.
Playing the summer stage in Central Park.
Getting lost in New York City.
Catching the subway on our way to the biggest camera store I’ve ever seen.
Johanna at sound check.
Klara at soundcheck.
The dressing room in Detroit.
The fans that wait all night to meet the girls.
Klara looking out of another hotel window at another glittering city.
Riding in buggies around Lollapalooza, Chicago.

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  1. I’ve never loved a band and it’s music as much as First Aid Kit. Their music is so beautiful and adventurous and these photos and videos are abosuelty stunning. 

  2. Thank you for all that you girls have brought over the years, I’m looking forward to what is to come. Hope to meet you girls someday. You lighten up Life!!!

  3. Hello Nimri, I’ve a huge fan of your photography work since i first found the website a couple of years ago and as a fan of first aid kit also I really loved loved this post. This would definitely be my dream on day to go on the road to shoot band I love. I find your story both personal and the ones you tell so full of magic that I always come here to read and see the beauty in the world again. It’s refreshing such a loving, caring and positive outlook in the world and someone who captures such beauty! Do you shoot analogue or digital? also may I ask you if its okay what’s the lettering you used on the first photo of the post , hope its okay! Im also a photographer still doing baby steps and your place is a constant inspiration! All the love for you and your family, xx V

  4. I haven’t listened to their music, and have stumbled across your blog but holy moly, these are such STUNNING pictures, I can’t fault a single one (not that I would anyway!) because they’re all so beautiful in their own ways. Love love love this.

  5. I’ve followed both you and First Aid Kit for years as you’re both great inspirations to me, so when you announced you were going on tour with them I was thrilled. And wow, you didn’t disappoint. The video perfectly captures your adventure and all it’s moods, and the pictures are amazing. I especially love the one of Klara looking out the window at the glittering city, but they all tell their own story. I saw the last show of their tour in Gothenburg, and it was incredible. It’s a shame you couldn’t follow them on the whole tour and capture that show too, in their home country with golden fireworks, the rain falling and thousands of people singing along. Maybe some day. Amazing work, Nirrimi.

  6. Oh this almost killed me because you are the first person to ever inspire me to take pictures, and you were in my college city and i missed you. and with that being said, i want to inform you the photo of the sisters dancing in that fountain isn’t in the south, it’s at easton town centre in Columbus, OH and it’s about 20 min away from me. i hope the city treated you all well :)))

  7. Awesome video. Well done. I wish I could have attended every single show! Thank you for capturing the experience in such a cool way. I was SO happy to see these girls in New Orleans after being SO upset when their set was canceled at the Houston Free Press Festival due to rain.  You all Rock!

  8. Nirrimi this is so inspiring! What a beautiful and soul enriching story you’ve weaved. You have made me long for places I’ve never been and adventures I’ve never had. Love xx

  9. This is seriously so beautiful. I’m from Sweden and when I clicked the video and heard him count in swedish I got so happy haha? Because, I love your work, and then something with my own language, (I see myself as quite good in english, but it will never be my main language, swedish will always be my first) But anyway, I just ramble around, what I wanted to say is that I think this was beautiful, and it’s so nice that you have been hanging with those two wonderful human beings.

  10. They’re so TALL! Also that little film gave me goosebumps. And also made me want to get a tattoo? What an amazing experience!

  11. awesome.
    such beautiful photos and the video is just the same… i wish i will be able to capture the moments this nicely once… thank you for sharing!

  12. I love how many pictures of Detroit you have !! <3 I was there, and had met a lot of the folks in the pictures you took that night.
    I teared up looking at these pictures, and especially the video. You're wonder~full, Nirrimi. Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse. <3 xo

  13. Some of my favourites of yours ever. So real, so beautiful. And I adore the first aid kit girls, I love listening to their beautiful sounds on long winding drives through the hills. Your pictures + their music = match made in heaven. <3

  14. These are amazing. The way you have portrayed Johanna & Klara is just remarkable.
    You are an amazing story teller and made me feel like I was there to experience it all myself. I especially adored the film and have watched it several times already. Your framing is just so wonderful, and it brought me great joy to watch it. How life-affirming. I feel joy and sunshine in my tummy. Thank you.

    What a great combination you three storytellers are. 

  15. Great Photos & video montage. Great work. Thanks for a good eye & a behind the scenes peek on a super talented group destine to be superstars.

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