Goodbye Mountains

This is the last night we can call the Blue Mountains home. Tomorrow we are leaving the house that has become so safe and familiar over the past two years. This is where Alba was conceived and born. This is where we grew into a family and became better people.

I feel pangs of sadness that Alba won’t have clear memories of our home here and and that we may never step foot inside our old house again. But we will always feel a connection to the mountains.

I already miss the cold wintry nights cuddling by a roaring fire, warming our tummies with hot soup. I’ll miss standing on our balcony looking over the rises and falls of hazy blue mountains. We’re so high up sometimes a cloud would wash right through us and chill our bones. I’ll miss walking to the end of the street, trekking through wilderness until we arrived at our rock. It overhangs the valley and we’d have picnics there, feeling like we’re watching over the whole world.

I’ll miss laying in bed feeding Alba and reading, looking out the window now and then as the eucalyptus trees sway with birds in their branches. I’ll miss our cozy little ghost town, walking to the train station in the peacefulness of dawn before we had a car. Feeling a kinship with all of the other mountainfolk we’d pass. I’ll miss bringing home overflowing baskets of local produce from the co-op and garden and spending hours cooking in our big open kitchen. Most of all I will miss this- the breathless, absolute silence. Only a rustle of leaves in the wind, softer than a whisper against a backdrop of quiet.

This is our first real home, and somehow we know this is the right time to say goodbye. And so, on to more adventures we go.

sling by sakura bloom

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  2. At least you will have some beautiful pictures to show Alba when she’s grown up. Wish you all the best, hope more and better adventures will follow soon 🙂

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  4. Wow!!!
    This wow is for your entire blog, because I went back to the beginning and read almost all of your posts, and got hopelessly lost in all the beauty.
    I had my babies young as well, and felt the exact same way you did, when you said that you would just tell people it was an accident. What a shame that society puts this label on all of us as to when the right time to have a child is. I’m 50 now, and one of the best things I did in my life, was to have my daughters young. You and your love are such a beautiful couple, and your little family is….well, there are no words. I walked away, today after reading your blog, with such a light heart, and happy to know there are people like you guys that have followed your passion and are living life to the fullest. You both are, what I constantly tell any young person that is creative, what it is all about when it comes to honoring the gifts that were given to you.
    I’m an artist, and I made sure if my girls were to follow my path, that they do it with passion and never listen to nay sayers. Follow your passion, and heart, and you will never go wrong.
    I can’t wait to see more stunning photos on here!!

  5. I was a young mom once too…i’m now 32 and have 5 precious little ones…i’m proud of you for celebrating what you have and not running away from it…many blessings on your beautiful family.

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous photos! I just happened to stumble across your blog today. It’s inspired me – hopefully one day when I have a family I can capture our lives as beautifully as you do yours.
    Best of luck with your new adventure! x

  7. She looks so much like you when she closes her eyes!
    It is very touching to read you and to see the words translated into your beautiful images!

  8. Just now my daughter showed me some of your extremely beautiful family pictures. It’s like a massage for the soul. Wish you all the best and especially a few more kids. I myself have 6 kids, aging from 17 to 31, and this is wonderful.
    If you are in Europe once, contact me if you want to visit us.
    All the best,

  9. I would like a new camera for my birthday in a few months, you would be so nice to tell me which do you use..?
    Thank you
    And I really really love your blog, your photographs are so beautiful and “gentle” (It is maybe a mistake, Im french)

  10. que fotos são essas? que magia! não tenho dúvidas da qualidade do equipamento, técnica… mas o OLHAR é maravilhosamente perfeito! Divinamente indescritível! Estou aqui extasiada, apaixonada por cada imagem, porque cada uma delas reflete emoção! Lindo!!!!!!!!!! Perfeição!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wow, I have never come across such hateful comments before about something as simple as a personal journey of 3 people being happy and living their lives. If you don’t appreciate that, fair enough. I don’t however understand the malice that hangs heavy with every word you type.

    The Road Is Home never preaches or judges so what excuse do you have to preach and judge? People can live their lives however they want as long as they’re not hurting anyone. Unless you have some personal beef with them I really can’t see why you’re so angered by this blog. They aren’t doing anything WRONG so just let them do what they want to do free of persecution. If it’s not your cup of tea then don’t look at it. I’ve come across many blogs and photographers that are popular and I just have no idea why. I don’t attack them. I’m happy for their success but just don’t return simply because it doesn’t appeal to me. Just don’t look if you don’t like what’s there.

    For some people motherhood is a wonderful, amazingly positive experience. What’s wrong about that? Would you rather people be posting about how difficult it is to have a child and speaking negatively about the whole affair constantly? People are free to do that also, but I’d rather hear this sort of story myself. I think your comment reveals a lot more about you than it does about them.

    No one is obliged to do the most they can for their entire community. You may not hold the same opinion, however I think it is more important to be one of the people that doesn’t need to be saved and raise functioning well rounded healthy human beings (if that’s your thing). People come to this blog because they get something out of it. I’m planning on being a midwife with doctors without borders. My interest in that stemmed from this blog and other sources on midwifery and I’ve created my own future out of that. I will be a better mother to my future children with everything I’ve learnt from discussions started by Nirrimi through here and her facebook. I’ve got great gardening tips simply from the updates Matt has shared about his garden. Even just recipes for raw zucchini spaghetti are a blassing (which is a big deal to me since I can’t eat grains, legumes and dairy). These people share a SMALL part of their lives with us. No one worships them, but they help inspire and inform people who choose to be informed on certain issues simply by sharing their life with us. I’ve never met them but just their freedom and pursuit of life in its entirety is inspiring enough.

    Again, the point is, if you don’t like it don’t look. Your issues with this are your problem not anyone else’s. Your use of profanities is uncalled for. If you were really speaking out of logical reasoning instead of anger you wouldn’t feel the need to use them (or post on this blog at all, as I’m sure you understand that your comment won’t make a difference and in the end you’re just trying to be hurtful) and I feel sorry for you as a person (that is unless you know them personally and they’ve done something very horrible to you, but I’m assuming that’s most likely not the case).

  12. The road is home to you since you could never create a permanent place of substance. Enjoy the vast expanse of frivolity some would like to call whimsy.

  13. This blog is shallow and egotistical and is one of the most fucked up displays of exhibitionism and narcissism I have ever come across. To the tweenie fans, please do not be fooled by someone romanticising nature, beauty or motherhood to make their own life, their child’s life and their success seem utterly flawless. Please, this self-orientated hippie idyllic life biography ‘thing’ is nothing to hail compared to the work that is out there that is actually making genuine social comments or valid statements on humanity. All I see is lookbooks with girls swinging their hair in the wind and family snaps that only look pretty because they are taken using expensive cameras and lenses. The filters/curves only justify a dreamy, hazy or unreal look that is contrived and artificial. To me this demonstrates the technical (and written) incompetence, unprofessionalism and immaturity of this girl/couple. It seems the naïve, naturally talented and innocent child prodigy is the only image and reputation they have to thrive on. Somehow I don’t believe this excuses uncreative and unimaginative work that lacks progression, maturity and experimentation of photography as a form. How can this show of self-absorption be called art? I’d like to call it self-advertising. Lastly, please, give your child some privacy – she is not there to exploit for your self-advantage.

  14. I just discovered your blog and I am already in love with it. Your writing is so fluid and effortless. You seem to have adopted the tranquility of the mountains. Good luck with your new house and best wishes to your family.

  15. Wow, these are really breathtaking pictures, also with the text you wrote along with them. Your home sounds like a dream come true and I hope you’ll be happy wherever your new home will be. 🙂

  16. But what wonderful memories that place will hold for you! And Alba will have so many photographs to cherish and know that she was oh so loved in that place and forever more.
    I had similar reservations as we left our first home when Miss Daisy was 18m old… but she seemed to be right at home in our new house without any hesitation. Our ‘things’ remained the same as did our love for her. That was all she needed. x Enjoy your travels.

  17. I know this leaving-home feeling far too well and wish I’d written about it this beautifully. We have moved quite a bit, including when each of my children were 6/7 months old and it’s so hard to leave a birth place and these early days behind! Onto new adventures though. Best wishes!

  18. I’m just amazed and stunned and out of words. These pictures are so close to perfection I almost forgot to breathe.
    I’ve never seen or met anyone who’s as exited as you about being a family. I think that’s very precious.
    Good luck on your next adventures.

  19. I think that I will miss the mountains too as I have been fortunate enough to see them through the eyes of the two of you.

  20. This blog is a treasure – as your stories are. I keep thinking it again and again. This is the blog – the life! – I will look up to the most. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  21. Even before I was expecting, I’ve always wished that I could take such memorable and beautiful photos of my dear one just as you do. Enjoy your future adventures!

  22. Hello, Nirrimi. First of all, sorry for my horrible english, I’m a 14 years girl from Brazil.
    I’d like to say that even not knowing you and your lovely family, when I look at you photographs and read your texts, I feel a really strong connection with you. Every time I pass my eyes through your touching photos, I feel something I really can’t describe. I live in a tiny little apartament in Maceió, alone most of the time, listening to music and feeling so empty, but when I visit your blog and read your soft words, I see that you are everything I don’t have the courage to be… I wish I could just go on with my dreams and find the happiness that everyone talks about, but I feel stuck.. Or lost. I just don’t know. I also don’t know why I’m saying this, venting to you those things that you problably don’t care about. It is problably cause your really inspire me not to acept living sad like this… So thank you very much.
    Lastly, it’s really sad that you guys are leaving this house, but surely all the good things that happened in there will be keeped in your memories and won’t die. Happiness and kind hugs for you. Thanks for sharing your life.

  23. Hello beautiful girl! I just sent you a text message I hope that you get it! I don’t know if you still have the same number! I would love to catch up with you guys, it’s been too long! Knoxy and Alba need a playdate. xxxx Mandy

  24. It’s a cold night over my end of the world that got significantly warmer by looking at your images & reading your words. Alba is so cute – with her sparkling blue eyes and yummy baby chubbiness. That picture of her calmly sleeping with arms stretched in all directions is just PERFECTION! As always thanks for the inspiration and good luck on your next adventure. 🙂

  25. There is poetry in your words as in your photos … you would be perfect neighbors! But I fear that you do not like the Parisian suburbs ( personnaly i don’t like it ) … nature is so far contrary to what you’ve had for two years ..I hope you will find a good place for your sweet family.. Friendly.

  26. So beautiful described…and from your pictures, the house and the atmosphere seems really lovely and soulful. I missed our old house too that has to be sold, where I spent a lot of times with my dad and he also died there. But..yea, the next adventure will be amazing I’m sure!

  27. These photos are so beautiful, as are all of you. I’m sure wherever you are off to next will become home as long as you’re all together! Good luck on your adventures!

  28. These photos are so beautiful, as are all of you. I’m sure wherever you are off to next will become home as long as you’re all together! Good luck on your adventures!

  29. why do i always cry when i read your blog?! your words and photos are so touching, they pull at my heart.
    i understand that place well, saying goodbye..saying hello to something new, all in one motion.
    it all belongs.
    safe travels on your new adventure. much light and love to you and your beautiful family. xx

  30. I love the beads of water caught in the the green.. incredible. the quiet of the deep countryside is something I miss all the time, but I’m sure you will get to go back one day, when alba can remember it

  31. that place is so peaceful and I really want to live there in years ( I hope I will someday), to know all those feelings you wrote.
    good luck to your new adventure !

  32. I feel oh so sad that I know I will never see that little house again. It is such a magical place and I know the feeling of grief when leaving a nest of warmth for a new adventure, even by choice. You always said to me you wanted to live in a little commune and now you shall. How wonderful. Alba will always have the words and pictures of you and Matt to bring her heart back to her first home. <3 We haven't chatted in quite a while, you must let me know how it goes lovely one. I would love to see the pictures we took on my last day. xox

  33. You and your daughter are so beautiful. The picture of her wrapped in the towel is just too much! Such a cutie..

  34. Your beautiful family, stories and amazing photos! My daughter ( introduced me to your blog. She´s going to study Art of Photography in Melbourne next year. You are a great inspiration! I´m a norwegian midwife. Your beautiful home-birth, your stories and photos is always touching my heart! Best wishes for your new adventures!!!

  35. The pictures are very beautiful and natural. Much love you broadcast Alba. My love (M too) and I would breathe in a lot, so we thank you. We just created our blog telling our story as neighbors and wish success. Lots of love and take good care of the little and beautiful Alba 🙂 pd: sorry for the bad english, we are spanish.

  36. I jsut simply love you guys, i love your each and every word,it inspires me, and i am completely agree with Inez that’you guys are pure and precious’ love you and wish your new house will bring more joy in your life 🙂

  37. This post is incredibly beautiful and each image seems to be the best. Alba has long hair now, I also could recognize beautiful little Sarah! Time to move on for new adventures, you will barely have the time to miss this wonderful place that you hearts and minds will already be filled with new memories. In Australia and elsewhere. Limitless, border-less : the road is your home. You both are fortunate to be photographers and writers, and to bring all these memories with you, transmit them to Alba, which I’m sure will get flashbacks of memories when she looks back at the pictures and videos, once older. This cocoon has seen you grow into the most beautiful family, it’s now ready to set you free and even if memories can not be replaced or equalled, there is no doubt that the future will be brighter. Love to you all and good luck with the moving.

  38. Also, I forgot to say that… I am sure that Alba will find the memories of your Blue Mountains home in her heart through the beautiful pictures you & Matt took. 🙂 Such a happy idyllic family. May God bless you all.

  39. Just beautiful, as always. Cant wait to see your new adventures in the sunshine state. my little dream is to walk by the three of you one day, and just smile, knowing you will have no idea who I am, but I will see my role model family the flesh.

  40. Why are you leaving your home, Nirrimi? This is so nice where you live. It’s such an ideal place to raise Alba. But I hope you get settled comfortably where you are moving and find the same peace you have here in Blue Mountains. Goodluck in Brisbane! And wonderful photos as always! I love how you captured the raw emotions you have for your home & for your family. Best wishes.


  41. I love how the top of the page says “Goodbye mountains- the road is home”. You guys are so pure and precious.

  42. Good luck on your new adventure.
    What photography has given us is this ability to perserve places we love as they were. Alba can one day look at these and rediscover her first home.

  43. Such beautiful and special photographs, thank you for sharing them with us.
    They are all wonderful, I really love the Ladybeetle on the potato plant and the dew in the spider-web in the grass and the last two photographs of Yourself and Alba – Perfect.
    Have fun in your new home!

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