Somewhere along the way this blog stopped being primarily about my fashion photography work and began focusing on our lives. It became a diary, or moreso a chronicle of our adventures. I can’t think of any better way to affect people than by being personal and real. But lately my blog doesn’t feel personal or real enough to me. It should have all the color and chaos of a real diary, but it feels like I’m following a formula.

I am guarded with my words, because I’ve suffered for being open and honest. I talk mostly of things I find beautiful, because this is what I thought people wanted to hear. I stick to topics I think my followers will enjoy. In other words, I’m not writing for myself and that is where the warmth trickles out little by little.

So here’s my new year resolution. I am going to write this blog from the deepest, bloodiest part of my heart and if you don’t like it, that’s okay. The internet is a big place, with many other voices telling stories you might like to listen to instead.

Thank you for spending time in my world.


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  1. Your writing is effortless, your photos are breathtaking and your life is exciting, full of adventure and culture. I found you on here minutes ago and already I am inspired by your words. You have definitely got a new follower and I thank you so much for your beautiful blog.

    Jade x

  2. I have within the last few minutes discovered you’re blog and you have left me speechless. Your writing is stunning and your photos are breath taking. Everything about your blog seems so pure and real, you have most definitely got a new follower and also inspired another person. Thank you so much.

    Jade x

  3. Nirrimi,
    I’ve been a fan of yours ever since the days when you photographed Elise in your Grandmother’s house and used $50 hardware lamps. In a sense, I’ve watched you grow up, and we’re the same age incidentally. You inspired me to start writing again, and although I can only dream of having your talent – you drive me. I adore you so much. (You’re also the same person who got me into photography and capturing life through a lens.) Thank you. Thank you so much – for I am grateful for you sharing your talents.
    – Hayley.
    P.S I am in love with your newest novel, about Cobra Summer.

  4. J’aime profondément ce qui se dégage de votre blog, plus encore des photographies qui sont superbes et magiques…. c’est magnifique, magnifique!

  5. I just came across your blog a while back & absolutely LOVE your photos & admire you for being such a good mum. You have a beautiful family!
    Tiff & Kids <3

  6. Your photographs are so elegant and beautiful. I LOVE your eye for the things in life you capture!!!! Keep up the AWESOME job!! 🙂

  7. I can’t believe I have only just found your blog, it’s wonderful. You have such amazing photographs, they capture the beauty of life so well. I feel immediately happy when I hop onto your blog 🙂 x

  8. I feel you. Sometimes it can really be draining to only write about stuff we find beautiful and disregard the brutal, darkest, truths our lives have had to go through.

  9. Hi, Nirrimi 🙂
    I’ve been reading your blog since 2010, and well, it’s very funny because it feels like we were friends. We’ve never met, but still… almost a year ago, when you gave birth to Alba, I felt really happy for you and wanted to congratulate you for Alba’s health and beauty. I guess that’s what happens when you allow people to see who you are, when you write honestly: They end up liking you for who you are. I know people don’t show themselves entirely in their blogs, but I like the part of your world you have been showing here though the years. So what I’m trying to say is thank you for the inspiring words and photography. Keep on posting, people won’t stop reading your blog because you decided to make it even more sincere, or deeper.
    xoxo Dafne

  10. Your life seems to be as beautiful as your pictures and, from what I’ve read, you have some incredible stories. You have such a unique and refreshing voice–keep using it!

  11. Yes, after a while we just wrote something for our audience, become more commerical and lost ourselves. I admire your honestly, and you are very brave especially in this internet world. Wishing you and your family have a fruitful 2013.

  12. I can respect that. Life isn’t all one color, there are many shades. The more real you are the more you will inspire people to be real themselves. Be colorful Nirrimi.

  13. Your blog is wonderfully inspiring, I check it quite often to see if you’ve posted recently. Can’t wait to see more!
    xox from Texas

  14. Nirrimi.. where should I start?
    I’m sitting here, looking at your picture and just had to write you. Everything about you is so inspiring! Your pictures radiate so much love, live and heat. It’s incredible! I’ve never seen something like that before. I’ve read through your website felt 1000 times, and everytime i’m so fascinated about it. I don’t know how, but your pictures give me hope and make me smile, they feel like freedom. I often wonder if there are still good people in this strange world, but you are the best example that there are good people! I don’t know you, but i feel it. Ah, and it’s so nice to see, that you are still so happy with your boyfriend. And your daughter is the most beautiful child i’ve ever seen. I wish you and your wonderful family all the best in the world. Thank you for sharing your pictures with the us! They’re really a present. SO much love, from germany! (which may explain the bad englisch)

  15. I know I speak for many when I say, bring on the reality. Thank you for being so candid with us all, it is a true inspiration.

    love always,
    Sarah B

  16. I love this revelation. I wish more people would stop self editing; myself included.
    Here’s to 2013 “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
    And next year’s words await another voice.
    And to make an end is to make a beginning.”
    T.S. ELIOT

  17. You inspire me to love myself and who i am, I love your work and the way you live your life is just fascinating!… i hope you never stop chasing your dreams ! Love from Norway.

  18. I know that maybe you’ll never read this, but I really want to tell (write) you this so BADLY.

    In first place, it really doesn’t matter what you want to write about, believe me, we’ll LOVE it, and if there’s someone who doesn’t like it that will be HIS/HER problem, it won’t be your fault because the way you transmit what you feel and what you see into your blog (actually I wanted yo say ‘into paper’ haha) is sooo deep and inspiring.

    You are not only my favourite photographer, but also the way you live your life is the way I would like to live mine. I admire how genuine you are, I really do.

    I don’t care if you want to talk about… I don’t know… bananas and apples? But please never stop writing and taking photos. I really wish you the best, and thank you for inspiring me to take photographs with not only a meaning, but also with a story behind them.

  19. To me, you are inspiring as a mother, a photographer, a human being, Nirrini. There’ll always be somebody to criticize whatever you say or do, therefore you’re right just to stick to your heart and your talent.

  20. First of all, I’m French so I’m sorry if my english does not sound like it should be but language is not a border to my shyness to tell you what I’m feeling when I come here.

    Nirrimi, your name, your job, your life, your blog and your words are inspiring. There is softness in everything you touch, and to my mind, describe things as beautiful as there are, is just a part of you. Your beautiful daughter is the concrete incarnation of your eyes. She wouldn’t be as beautiful as she is, if you were not a pure human being shaped by Love.
    You seem to see all the beautiful things of our world and it’s more important than the rest.

    I’ve been followed you for a while now, I saw you becoming a young mother and share that with us without secrets. This is already Sincerity for me.
    You are exactly this kind of person who could definitely change my life if we meet, and a person from who I’d love to learn and share.

    Hope the best for you and your inspiring family, Nirrimi.

    A french admirer 🙂

  21. Your blog, to me, has always been so captivating, even when your posts have been so simple and lightly written, you effortlessly draw people in to your own magical world and the love you pour out comes from your heart and then into a readers, like mine. Thank you for everything you share, and I’m blessed to have even cyber found you! you are a beautiful person and an incredible mother with a heart of gold <3 <3

  22. Dear Nirrimi,
    I was very fortunate to have stumbled upon this personal space of yours, because you, my dear, are an inspiration. Though i am a new reader of your diary, i will stick with you through the end. Don’t feel pressurise to blog about what we (readers) want to read from you, write ANYTHING you want or what you feel:) I will love it anyhow:) And so will the other readers!
    Love you and best regards to you and your beautiful family..<3

  23. I cried the first time I saw your blog – I had never seen anything so beautiful and your work only proves that in the right hands, photography can move people. Your words are every bit as beautiful. You inspire me to take photos that have impact!

    You will never be loved by everyone – but you are loved by many! Your honesty is beautiful – never let that go.

    Keep inspiring Nirrimi!

    All the best to your beautiful family.


  24. What a refreshing post. Sharing so much of your life in a blog, be it family stories or professional ones is quite a feat in and of itself. Mustn’t add to that the pressure of writing to fulfill other’s expectations. Besides,and I suspect you’ve already come to this conclusion, people will judge you no matter what you write. Those that won’t will continue to enjoy stoping in and taking a look in to see what you’ve been up to. Bonne chance et bonne écriture ! Andrée from beautiful Montreal.

  25. I read this post days ago, and only now am finding the time to reply, as my little bubbas have kept me busy. Having found your blog many months ago, I have loved to read it, especially the family posts, one about you and Michael, and little Alba (one today!). So i do hope you will write from your heart, your soul. I completely understand it can be daunting, I know I hold back on my own blog for fear of what other (particularly those I know in person may think). So I am proud of you to be just who you are, and thank you for sharing Nirrimi.
    Rhi xx

  26. i’m pretty shure we all gonna love.
    btw i have sent you a mail a couple of months, if you have any free time i would like if you could answer me (:
    ps: what’s the name of this tipe of letter?

  27. I love everything about your blog, i have been reading it for a while now. its beautiful and honest and the photography is beyond this world.
    I am a little wanderluster myself, and named my new fashion company Wanderlust By Ylfa Grönvold. Check it out if you like. And thank you for allowing us to see your life through your eyes. love Ylfa

  28. This post made me smile. I came across your blog about a year ago, and I’ve been a fan of both your photography and writing ever since. I routinely check in because I am enchanted by your seemingly surreal life, but there have been times that I’ve chosen not to read it because it almost seems too wonderful, which makes me feel detached as a reader and a person whose life is so far from perfection. This decision to be more frank and honest about showing your whole self is great for people like me who find you more relatable and more real with your flaws and bad days. Thank you for making this decision.

  29. I look forward to reading more of your journey … My husband and I moved across the country to live a more peaceful, natural life, and I find myself blogging for others at time. I started our blog to have a story to reflect on, and there are times when I allow my candidness to slip away. This post is a great form of perspective & inspiration. Thank you for the reminder.

  30. Thank you for sharing your life and family with us. I always look forward to reading when I see a new post. Your images are beautiful as are your words. Best wishes for 2013!

  31. You have a beautiful soul, let it pour out. I would love to read your thoughts, no matter how dark because they are wonderfully written and open my eyes to different views.

  32. You write so beautifully and you are such a beautiful person.
    I’m sure you can write about your burdens in a beautiful way, too.
    I have felt you are holding back and i believe it is a good decision to be more open.
    Truth may be sad but it is the only thing that really IS, though we may perceive it differently – by that i mean that everyone has their own truth and also the right to interpret things in his/her own way.
    Much love and beauty into your life!

  33. You’re the inspiration. I love the way you see things and how you describe them. All the best for you (and your deeply beautiful family) in 2013! x

  34. i love this blog … but i can only imagine the nasty things people have said to you regarding your lifestyle. closed-minded jerks !

    you are beautiful and free, your family is beautiful and free … but they are YOUR family, and if you change your mind, no one will get mad.

    (i’m hoping you don’t though)

  35. Yes! Do exactly that. Ever time a post like this from you pops up in my reader, I’m just blown away. I can’t believe the love and wisdom that bathes your young family. I am blown away by your courage and your convictions, your beauty and the beauty you find in the world.

  36. And just when i thought you couldn’t be more inspiring- you submit a post about how closed off and restricted you feel. You are truly one of the biggest eyeopeners to me and i thank you for your raw honesty.

    You continue to inspire to me live a better life,

  37. I’ve never commented on any of your blogs before but I’ve been following you from afar for years. I just wanted to say that you are a huge inspiration to me. Your post years ago about wanting to be a mama was my favourite piece of writing you’ve ever posted, it was identical to my thoughts, so I’m happy you’re going to continue on that path of blogging. Have a happy and healthy 2013, and I can’t wait to read what you and your lovely family accomplish this year!

  38. you are wonderful & beautiful and an inspirational mother, partner, lover, writer, wanderer, adventurer, and creator! onward!

  39. Your precious little one reminds me so much of my sweet Abigail Jane (7 months). I feel like your photos are reflections of the tenderest moments I experience with her. Thank you.

  40. I love this picture. I love the cloth nappy and your quirky bedding and the carpet and the way you are cuddling each other, the way my noodle snuggles into me each night. It really made me smile.. good luck with your new years resolution- I love your blog, and everything you write of- but I adore the posts that leak your inner most thoughts and honesty.. and the snippets of your life and little ones too.

    Lots of love and light,
    fern x

  41. the reason i read your blog (i only just came across it when alba was born) is because it is so real, open, refreshing, beautiful. i wish there were more online spaces that were that way – and do very much look forward to reading yours as you continue to chronicle your lives. i think the most beautiful possibiities of the internet are the true connections. so thank you 🙂

  42. I would just like to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It’s so organic and beautiful. Please don’t feel inhibited by anyone. Be you. That is what we all relate to. xoxo

  43. This comment will problably get lost among the hundreds of comments you receive, but I’ll write it anyway…

    It’s obvious that you inspire so many people through your writing and your photography, and I count myself as one of them. I admire your joy of life, your kindness, your openness to experience. You’re kind of a role model to me.

    I will surely welcome that “bloodiest part of your heart” that you talk about 😉

  44. Your generosity in sharing your world and your spirit have been such a great source of inspiration, hope, faith and love for me. I find it strange to feel such a connection via a blog but I am truly grateful for having read your words, seen your photography and glimpsed at the love that’s in your life. I think it’s a brave thing to have it all out there but i feel in a lot of ways that seeing through your eyes, you’ve taught me to seek out the light, to celebrate the good and to create and nurture the love in my life. That’s a gift I’m so grateful for nirrimi, so thank you.

  45. Brought forth from the deep dark naked truths we’d rather not sing, but still stir inside us–the bold and the genuine untamed, like the raw, roaring, primal ecstasy of birth–so are such expressions, rich with life!

    I am soon to give birth and wonder how to express not just the comforting bliss and easily joyous, but the hot, bloody, and feral reality of momma, the fierce love of being

  46. yes nirrimi yes! i love you and love your blog. so proud of you and your truth. keep going girl, you are wise beyond your years. much love and light from vancouver x

  47. I understand… sometimes by just being honest about ourselves will bring unwanted attention. However, I’ve learned that being true to myself is important that what others will think. This is your life, you should do or say what you think is right, not what others want to hear! Nice blog, by the way 🙂

    Greeting from a blogger in Malaysia;

  48. Hi Nirrimi,
    Just to let you know that I always check your blog and always can’t wait for new stories. Please write as often as you can. I love the way you define beauty. And now I really can’t wait to hear more and more and more “beauty” from you 🙂

  49. I especially prefer to hear more ‘real’, more unmasked stories from you rather than anything which is just truly socially defined ‘beautiful’.
    Thanks for sharing your honesty Nirrimi!
    Hugs from Istanbul…

  50. Be free to be what you want to be, be free to think what you want, be free to do what you want. Be Free.
    As in the song of Cat stevens, as Maude & Harold, ” you can do what you want… If you want to be free, be free..”

  51. I love your blog. Your writing and your photography are my favorite thing about the internet. Well top five. Looking forward to some more raw posts from u. xo. Liz

  52. I love everything about your blog and I love the thought of reading your raw stories. I wish I had’ve been so open and corageous and switched on at your age. You and your family are simply lovely!

  53. yes, please! don’t stop writing for you. it is always such a big pleasure to come here, and read, and look at the small beautiful things of your life. and it it only more true and gorgeous when comes from your deepest. i’m really looking forward to it.
    much love,
    catarina <3

  54. I think your plan will not change anything about the beauty of this blog.
    The way you and your family live your lives is desirable and I can’t wait to see and read more about
    “the deepest, bloodiest part of my heart”.


  55. I enjoy your blog very much, and I look forward to these posts.
    Your family photographs are so warm and beautiful, true inspiration, so thank you for sharing.

  56. Hola hermosa
    siempre me inspiraste algo muy nostálgico con tus fotos. Y con tu embarazo empecé a encontrar paralelismo con nuestras vidas pues yo también entonces me quedé embarazada.
    Vivir con el arte hasta la médula.
    buscar-se en la natura.
    Pero yo no tengo el lenguaje para comunicarme con el mundo, para ello siempre pienso que voy a tener que a mentir para que me entiendan y mentir no vale la pena.
    A ti te veía limpia y a mi sucia.
    Dices no haber hablado des de las entrañas y es lo que deseas conseguir, pues animo!

    La foto de la entrada es preciosa como siempre pero no es como siempre

  57. I think your plan will not change anything abouth the beauty of this wonderful blog.
    The way you and your little family live your lives is a very desirable one and I can’t wait to see and read more about your
    ‘deepest and bloodiest part of my heart’.

    In love,

  58. Gorgeous photo! And well..it’s your blog and you decide what to write here…i think as long as you are confident in what you are doing or weiting about, the others will appriciate it and support you…and if they they won’t, zhan as you said “the internet is huge”… Looking forward to your future posts.

  59. Yours is my favorite blog Nirrimi. I’m so glad that you’ve found new courage to speak what’s really in your heart despite what people may think. Looking forward to your posts in 2013!

  60. Isn’t it bizarre to have to answer to others for our personal (but shared) online spaces…. You are generous to be sharing your beautiful world. Thank you nirrimi.
    Kate xx

  61. Your life is always so vibrant and beautiful. And I’ve always felt your words and photos to have this wonderful sense of honesty and life to them. I’m in a similar place with blogging and I’m hoping I’ll soon find the right words and courage to blog honestly about what I love and do. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you, as they are always inspiring 🙂

  62. That is probably the most beautiful resolution I have heard. I love your photos and this blog because of the tenderness, and the passionate feelings you manage to capture. You have an unique ability to communicate real moments without transforming them. I am looking forward to all of your posts in 2013.

  63. Once, I read in a magazine an article by a woman who said having really changed life the day where she understood that a woman could be all women.I would like to thank providence for having put this article before my eyes because I follow the same principle for 5 years now, and that gave me strength to change my life in all areas. Reinvent you every day, be what you want, experience all your facets and you shall make your life a work of art.

  64. We will love to read your lovely words from deep in your heart. I think it will be even more beautiful in every way it can be, because it will be YOU, your thoughts and heart. Even the dark and bloody side it can be beautiful and interesting. The most important thing is to be YOU 🙂
    Love from México.

  65. I truly think your bl8g is one of the best. If there are people out there that don’t like it, it is because they dont understand or are jealous because they are not as bold as you are. Keep up the great blog.

  66. I follow your blog now for some time and really what attracted me to him was the fact that it is personal, because I think that’s what makes it real… I look forward to your new posts c:

  67. beautiful picture. and i can’t wait to spend more time in your world, i think it’s fascinating. you really should write for yourself and stop wondering what readers would like to read, you can’t really know what other people want, right? but if you are honest to yourself i’m sure this blog will be even more magical than it is.

  68. you should absolutely write from your heart, be true to you the good the bad the ugly, because you inspire so many with your words. Everyone goes through ups and downs> thank you for being you and for sharing your life with us.

  69. Nirrimi, i just recently found your blog but i must say that what drew me in (sucked me in really) was the personal aspect of it. your home life, your work life. whatever you want to share, i will listen. keep it real. forever.
    ps- love the picture to this post. real

  70. I must say everything that I’ve ever seen posted on your blog here I have loved. From your brutal beautiful honesty, to your work editorials.. Your words and photographs always make me stop and take a moment in my day to appreciate the beautiful things that I often take for granted living in busy nyc – so I thank you for doing all that you do on your blog and sharing it with us!

  71. I was afraid, when I started to read your words, that you would stop to write your beautiful stories with the oh so wonderful pictures. I’m so glad you don’t stop but give us more of you. I adore your stories, your way to live almost as a vision for my own live. Thank you for sharing it!
    PS the photo is very beautiful

  72. I must say since I start following this blog I fell in love with it, each post is wonderful, well written, stunning pictures and I don’t know how to say but you and your family are kind of confortable. But I must say that dreaming is good for a while but a bit of reality was missing although well done for your idea, good continuation and happy new year to you and you family.

  73. I am relieved you are going on! Your blog has been a big inspiration for me in the last two years.
    We all can endure a little more of rawness, we all once came from the wilderness!

  74. And that’s great. You’re beautiful and talented and everyone is “a lot”. The truth is not always “fashionable” but is what makes you one “self”, with a path, a way. It’s the complexity of being. That’s the richness. And when you become a mother you start your own revolution that will serve you and your children because it’s always done by you the best way you could have done it. Being able to follow the honesty in everything you do, in you, is the best way to grow and guarantee self-love and serenity.
    Sorry for my english, I don’t know if I made myself clear… 🙂
    A big hug from Portugal.

  75. Oh sweet Nirrimi, please don’t ever change for anyone!!! You and your images are so pure and raw and beautiful…it would be a shame to change any of it…LOVE you and your art!!!
    LOTS of love from Germany,
    PS: THAT image…a treasure <3

  76. Finally dear!
    I’ve been waiting for you to open up and be even more honest than i think you are. I hoped you would, because somehow i believe that we can get even deeper into your amazing art and see all the aspects of it, and appreciate it even more.
    You are an artist, and being an artist isen’t always beautiful, but you can always see the beauty in the ever so horrible and fragile things, in love and in life. Being an artist myself, i am very intruged by what you wrote.
    Looking forward to it, you are just such a wonderful inspiration to me, you and your beautiful family.

    Love from the cold north.. 🙂

  77. keep on like you feel it should be. It will always be someone that does not like it. But that’s life.
    love your work and your pictures.

    Lovely family.


  78. Life isn’t only about beautiful and perfect moments. Of course, we’d rather fill our thirsty, bleeding heart with pretty images and sweet words, but life is about much more, for others, too. There are hard times that we all have to struggle to overcome, tears that we all shed in silence, and wounds inside our souls that haven’t,yet, become scars. It makes me sad to write this, mostly because it made me realise how much I fooled myself. So, I wish you what I hope for myself, as well.. true happiness and the strenght to be true to yourself.

  79. The majority of blogs are fluff and frou-frou, with an endless parade of items purchased, perfect spouses, anglelic children for others to ooh and ahh about with lots of pats on the back. I applaud your freshness. You’re very young, making this an even bolder move. Go girl.

  80. at the end of the day, this is exactly what a blog is for – as a way of self-expression. your words here speak so much truth and honesty. it touches me. real and raw posts such as this may not please the world, but they are the most self-satisfying. I look forward to reading your 2013 adventures. all my love and well wishes, kimi.

  81. That sounds amazing. I think it’s so important to be honest in life, to say what you believe in no matter what. At the end of the day that’s the people I find myself more drawn to. Keep doing what you love 🙂

  82. Oh I just LOVE YOU – Nirrimi, you and your family are so dear to this world, nothing but your raw honesty would blur the brilliant light.

    Know that every time there is a new link up on Fb to theroadishome, I gasp and hurry over here. Cannot wait to see you soon, wild fairy!

  83. it’s cold here,in Russia,Moscow.
    but thanks to you i always know where all the warmth is.it’s here,in your blog,on your pictures,in your words
    and about 3 years you’re,n. and m. and also alba now, like my friends that i will never know and will never hug ;))but that’s okay
    please,never stop!

  84. Hi Nirrimi! I’m a big fan of your work since I started photographing in 2009.. I followed your life since then and I think your such a pure and beautiful person, at least that’s what you show in your photos and writing. Looking forward to see your new year resolution taking place… Lots of luck for you and your beautiful family.

  85. I’ll be continue reading you and enjoying your pictures, but what I don’t understand is that you write, by one side, that your blog doesn’t feel personal or real enough & that you’re going to write from the deepest part of you and, by the other side, you censor your own pìctures. If you don’t wanna show your body it’s OK, but then do not publish the picture above, for example. That censorship, for photo lovers, like me, is awful and innecessary.
    Otherwise, keep taking that amazing shots. love them.

  86. If that isn’t the embodiment of the feminine brave, I really don’t know what is… I’m wishing all of you guys, the Nirrimi-Firebrace line and its dreams, a wonderful road ahead. From Luke Kernan. To Nirrimri, Matt, and little Alba.

  87. Your blog is a perfect place to dream but I appreciate a little tone of bitterness in it. It can still be as inspiring as the beautiful moments 🙂 Will never stop reading you

  88. Nirrimi, you are a beautiful and amazing inspiration. I can’t even imagine how awesome Alba will grow up to be, bring raised by such a loving mother like you. Please keep writing and never stop. <3

  89. This makes you and your blog even more beautiful! To be honest, I don’t even want to read about someones perfect life, I want to read about someones life with all its ups and downs.

    – Leni

  90. Nirrimi, writing from your heart and sharing your deepest of thoughts, and your most personal of photos is what makes your blog so addictive…it is so real and raw with beauty its like nothing else I’ve ever read…I often find myself re-reading your earlier days of when you were younger and stealing your Mum’s credit card and flying to Melbourne…this was written from the heart and it was told as it was…your story is such a beautiful one I look forward to following it as you take this next journey…x

  91. I love how you’re now blogging for yourself or what makes you happy. And I agree, if people aren’t happy with what you post then it’d be better if they just left. It’s their loss anyway not yours. You’re truly amazing. I’ve followed you and your work every step of the way ever since I discovered you. I forgot how I came across your work but I’m glad I did. I’m only sixteen and you’ve inspired me a lot. In terms of living and photography. 🙂 We love you, Nirrimi!

  92. you are such an inspiration. you have inspired me to seek beauty in everything. everything, the good and the bad. so yes, please feel free to write about whatever you want, this is what life is and what makes the inspiration grow.
    thank you for being so open and for sharing your life with us. i’ll forever be grateful.

  93. is it rude if i say that i have an erection? haha. damn ure like an angle. i love all your photographs. it whispers through my ears in a different language that i ever heard.

  94. I cannot wait for more “real”. I adore each and everything you post and can’t wait for more incredible images and heartfelt words x

  95. i truly cannot imagine anything more beautiful or that i’d rather read on here than your honest and open words 🙂

  96. I can’t tell how much Im inspired from you’re blog, but I’m trying. When I’m reading youre texsts or looking at youre beautiful pictures I’m falling to another world. It kind of makes me feel more free and hope, that some day I can be as happy as you are. I hope that some day I have amazing family around me and I can travel all over the world. I guess that thats what everyone kind of wants. I mean travelling and beeing happy. Maybe that’s the human nature. But hey, I wish everything good for you and youre beautiful life and family. I stay tuned. – Martta, little girl from cold Finland

  97. That is all you should care about. You have a beautiful soul and a gorgeous way with words. I cannot wait to hear what you have to say.

    all my love

  98. World is not all beautiful and it’s not good to hear good things every time because it takes us in a superficial world. It’s great you took this resolution !

  99. Beautiful Nirrimi I love your blog and your writing is amazing, I can’t wait to read your stories. You are a big inspiration.

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