Sneaking away from an adventure with my housemate/long lost sister/muse Nicole to take some photographs through a kaleidoscope lens.

20 love notes

  1. Your images are sooo beautiful and carefree. It makes me want to sit in a sunny field of flowers and daydream. Would you mind letting me know the type of lens you use to create these amazing effects.

  2. Wow… These photos are (it was said before, but I’m going to say it again), so beautiful! They definitely give off a really cool, magical vibe, never stop taking photos!

  3. Dearest Nirrimi,

    I have been quietly following your work for many years now, I am always left awe of your talents. I have never reached out and shared with you my thoughts about your work but these photographs are just stunning.

    The way you paint with colour and feeling inspires me. The melodies and harmonies you capture are breathtaking. Most of all though, I love the depth of your emotional attachment with your subjects and how it resonates through to the viewer.

    Your passion for others is ignited every time you pick up the camera. Your work is truly special. Long may it continue.

    I wish you the best in your future,


    Your Coy Follower

  4. Wow! Beautiful as always! May I ask, how did you do the “kaleidoscope lens” effect? It’s absolutely stunning. Lots of love from Europe

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