Midnight Streets

A little thing created in a day in the Blue Mountains in February. No plans, just a great desire to run away from my heartache and chase beauty. Thank you Nicole for dancing around in the cold & thank you Ella for letting me create something with your music.

11 love notes

  1. Such a pity that I can’t watch this in Germany because of the music, but even the photos are incredibly beautiful – the video has to be be amazing. <3

  2. Perfect- I feel that sense of claustrophobia so often and this captures exactly what I long to do. Now I’m finding long midnight drives into the darling ranges are soothing me. Lorde provides the perfect soundtrack.

  3. This is so very beautiful Nirrimi.

    So dreamy. I especially love the sequence where she sits at the rail and the train comes by in the back. 

    Love from Copenhagen 

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