milk & honey

last year i collaborated with milk & honey. they used some of my images in their designs, m shot a short film for them and i photographed their lookbook.

we mostly shot millicent on a cool day at bondi beach, who wrapped up warm inbetween shots and laughed a lot.

me and m stayed in a grand old hotel near the beach. we ordered room service and ate it in a claw-footed porclein tub. i had found out i was pregnant the day before and we were both still letting it all sink in. it was like the world was new.

i remember lying on the endless stretch of white linen the night before the shoot, four hands on a belly that hadn’t even begun to swell yet. then later grinning at the father of my child inside a glass elevator with gold buttons, thinking he looked like he’d just stepped out of a movie.

the next morning me and millicent were walking barefoot around the streets shooting. she said ‘well at least we’re not barefoot and pregnant’ and i had to stifle a laugh.

here are a few late images and the film by my lover.

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  1. Beautiful images! Love Millicent, I worked with her on an Ojay campaign with Nicole Bentley two winters ago. Such a sweet girl.

    Fellow Townsville girl here – hello! x

  2. Nirrimi these shots you took are amazing ! You,your family,your photographs and the things you write are so inspiring. Keep up the good work.
    PS : I WANT the “Forever Young” t-shirt. xoxo

  3. Just watched matts movie clip great camera work editing & soundtrack !! I am impressed well done my brother !!!! Love to you all

  4. Your new blog is so good and so you! Looking forward to more of your stories in the future!

    Anyway the photography style of both you and m is so similar.

  5. Finally!! Thank you for your inspiring work. I’ve been waiting for your blog & new blog posts! Please keep writing the sweet thoughts or memories you keep save and you used to write in “we live young”.
    Keep doing everything with love 🙂

  6. wow Nirrimi, I’m so happy that your new blog is finally out. I love this post and really can’t wait for the next one, you’re my source of inspiration!

  7. Congratulations on your new website 🙂 The story of your life is very beautiful and inspiring Nirrimi, I can’t wait to see/read more!

  8. I’m memorized reading this post of yours nirrimi. Sitting on the bare floor of our new home, grasping the small screen of my iPhone as we don’t yet have money for an Internet connection. These pictures are beautiful but more than anything I loved reading your biography (most of which I already knew from following your life since we were fifteen years old). And still, to this very day, you manage to light my soul with firing passion. Thank you so very much xx

  9. so so lovely! you are so fantastic! beautiful new website, it captures your free spirit perfectly. thank you for sharing your love and joy with us xo

  10. i love this nirrimi i am so so happy you are back. could you please give a link of the song in the video? its beautiful, as are your photographs, and matt’s films.

  11. I am so inspired by your life. All you have done matters. It matters because you inspire people from all over the world to live with love and follow art wherever it may lead. Wonderful start to a new blog and I am thrilled to watch it as it grows.

  12. the model in this looks healthy and grown up, whereas the other models i’ve seen you photograph look very young and skin so tight i can see their ribs. i like this change, a lot.

  13. nirrimi, it is so wonderful to see you posting, and even more exciting to know you’ve moved to a new blog. despite just being a fan and watching you from afar, it is like i can actually feel the same transition you are going through into motherhood and into further professionalism with your incredible talent behind the lens. good luck, keep posting, you have so many people that love and adore you!

  14. Everything I saw a few moments ago, for me, it seems to be, the beginning of a beautiful tale.
    This blog is something magical, something you read only in books or see in movies.
    I will come back once in a while to read and see your newest stories ♥

    Take care,

  15. Your new blog is just amazing and these photographs are so good. You’re like an endless source for inspiration and I’m so glad that you share those precious pieces of your life with us..

  16. Your new blog is beautiful! I feel like a child in a candy store, satiated until I find more details to be enamored with (like the sun design in the url). I love the way the film has been edited to move between scenes right on the notes. I can’t wait to see more photos and hear more stories from you! xx

  17. Did Millicent mean to say that it was hard walking around barefoot? At least you were barefoot and pregnant! 🙂
    I see that she likes to do a lot of the “eyes closed, head up” thing.

    I like the layout of the new website, Nirrimi. It must have taken forever to create.


  18. Stunning work as always. I look forward to following this new blog and seeing all the things you get up to in work and in your life with your beautiful new daughter. <3

  19. I’ve always loved that short film of yours and Matt! Amazing pictures, thank you so much for feeding my (and many many others, I’m sure) soul!
    love, xx

  20. These are gorgeous- so much movement and emotion. Congratulations on all of your success, lovely Nirrimi. I remember stumbling upon your work when I was but fourteen years old, and you were fifteen. I am so happy to have witnessed your blossoming as an artist and as a new mother. xo

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