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  1. Nirrimi, you and Alba dye my eyes with the colour of wonder, and make me ever so curious as to how you create such soul-enrapturing moments. Thank you for your raw honesty and love in both words and pictures.

  2. So honest,
    I don’t have words to describe your magic soul but i can feel it, thanks for being you!
    Love from Mexico

  3. I love your work: your photography and writing speaks to me and I find myself following your IG account just to feel better about the world, which, seen through your eyes, is a beautiful place. 🙂

  4. I have just recently found your blog and think your photography is SO beautiful! I am reading through ALL your old posts and think your writing and captures of daily life ar stunning and so very inspirational. I would love to hear what you and Alba are getting up to now? I hope you keep up the blogging (I know its difficult to find time with little ones) but you have a wonderful talent – both the beautiful images of life and your very honest words – I wish I had a little of your talent! I am fed-up with all the blogs out there that make motherhood etc all look so perfect not showing the true story – ups and downs (which is perfection/beauty if we just allow ourselves to accept it). I wish you all the best and hope you keep up the blog soon – its truly wondeful! Many thanks for making me see ALL the beauty! Catrin.

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