honey bunny

a little shoot i did before leaving melbourne for my home town. but i am back again and have time to blog. i’ve missed it!  expect a small, soft film from me soon. nothing really, just something i took of a friend in townsville.

in case you didn’t know why i went to new york city i guess it’s okay to break the news now the diesel campaign i shot is not yet out, but when it is, i’ll tell you guys first.

what’s on my mind in the meantime? the city of angels, folk music, loneliness, fashion parties and fish bowls.

model: pia
makeup: shella ruby
hair styling: ben martin
stylist: georgie soloman

little creatures

as it happens, my family have collected ten or so rats since i’ve left. fat, furred things with little teeth and sharp claws. i’m somewhat obsessed with them and have been walking around with one on my shoulder.

hayley (who you’ll recognise from my old work) came over and i took these images against the loungeroom wall. it began raining outside and i decided to film. what i filmed was more beautiful than these are, but i thought you’d like to see them regardless.


first, because i always have to have an image in my posts, a very talented friend hairstylist cut + coloured my hair yesterday. i’m a real redhead. (apologies most my self portraits are taken with webcam on here, it’s just so much easier and i’m too lazy to use my big manual focusing camera)



and in other news, i leave for townsville in two days. the town i grew up in and the place i discovered my love for taking pictures. it will be strange going from 10 degrees (new york), to 20 degrees (melbourne) then to 30 degrees (townsville) in a little over a week. but i’m so ready for the sun! and ofcourse my family who i’ve missed so much.

until then i have so much work to do. and a photoshoot tonight. but i just can’t wait to be home.

face scouting – LA airport

matt pointed this girl out to me, near our gate at LA airport. we’re photographers and can’t help noticing beautiful, photogenic strangers. usually i am too shy to ask to take a picture of someone i find beautiful, but this time i had my camera on me and newfound confidence from new york, so i thought why not?

i walked after her and asked her father (who she had clearly gotten her clear sky eyes from) if i could take her picture and he said i could. she did the cute, teethy grin all kids do because they have been taught to look happy in photographs. so i asked her to pretend i wasn’t there, to look like she did before i came. i took this picture, said thankyou and left, feeling proud of myself for being brave.

i think i will be braver in the future, especially when it comes to the strange and lovely creatures on the streets. i never want to forget another beautiful face.