sleeping forest

this is a short series by my lover and i, taken in a woods with a red-headed nymph.

the afternoon started out sunshine and bright (with rabbits darting about among the roots of the trees) and later turned into heavy hail. we shot through it, with ice bouncing off our backs and cameras, stinging our bodies. then we went home and fell asleep. nice feelings of warmth after the cold of the frozen rain.

it’s curious how good it feels when you take risks and live. shoot through the cold wet and count the hail by the red marks on your back. you need to break the pattern to feel truly alive. yell in the street or go somewhere very unfamiliar. hug a stranger. be spontaneous. this is your only life, don’t waste your youth or your days.

two dollar film


some of the very few film pictures i’ve ever taken.

townsville and my cousin in a tent on our veranda.

taken with an old disposable camera from a second-hand

store and cheap, expired film. i miss home.