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  2. the photos are gorgeous, but i have to agree with roseanne, as i would have been offended myself, if the girl was dancing on my loved one´s stones, and portraying jesus in front of a cross. but the photos are really breathtaking!

  3. My favorite photo is the first one, because of how nonchalant and carefree the woman is, i only wish my body was as skinny as hers.

  4. I love these..but with mixed feelings
    just thinking that every week there's an old lady bringing flowers for her passed by husband,parents crying over their children,dead brothers and sisters and a naked woman dancing on their graves…
    I think life somehow is about crossing some lines,boundries that keep you locked but also about respect

    I would feel offended if this would be my grandpas grave.

  5. I really can't decipher the meaning in these photographs, which makes me fear that they have been done for only aesthetic effect. I hope that's not the case, because if there was a model dancing around half naked on one of my loved ones graves for the purpose of only looking splendid (and she does, as is the standard of all your photographs though you always manage to set yourself a new bar after each shoot) I would be offended.

  6. Well, I am not a conservative person. I usually like the artists –as most of young people do- who push the limits of moral values, but I also look for a rational reason for that. I wouldn’t want someone to pose in a way that is mostly considered as inappropriate around my relatives’ graves, as the dead ones or their relatives may not want. I don’t know if you asked permission from them for exposing the names, or if you have another story. I like your works, these photos are truly esthetic, but I can’t persuade myself that this is correct.

  7. You are a serious inspiration to me – more so because you know exactly what you want and you are going ahead with it at such a young age! 😀 !
    Thank you.
    X EnvySplendour

  8. Oh Nirrimi it's beautiful!!!

    I love the twin shot of the model, side by side, looking and not looking at the camera. Classic. It's utter brilliance.

    At it's best!

  9. Oh Nirrimi, this is sooo soo soo powerful!! impressive. you always keep me surprised when I see your pictures! I cant wait to see the second part, I m sure this will be amazing as much as the first part is!!
    I love your work, I really do!
    thank you for inspiring me and make me feel to keep on with the photography! I want to share the beauty of this world too, thank to you!

  10. is this in clovelly in sydney? i often thought that it would be a picturesque location for a shoot. You always challenge Nirrimi! I like that you do things that are controversial and always take it one step further. People would question having a shoot at a cemetery – so just to be sure you get the girl to take her top off. I think challenging people and stirring up a debate is what separates photographers who do photography as art from commercial photogs. Looking forward to part 2

  11. the last picture is superb…i love those flowers… some may say it's wrong to do a photoshoot on someone's grave..but… i'm sure we can make an excuse for this gorgeous girl

  12. i would like to hear a story behind these pictures(you always have good sotries), otherwhise it´s hard to understand context. but really good pictures. i like how this graveyard looks like – completly different than the ones in my country

  13. oh my. you amaze me every time. i love how these photos are a bit different, but still cohesive to the rest of your work. i love them, i really do.

  14. Oh my, the first picture is very meaningful. It reminds me of a scene from the Bible almost. <3 love the freedom here.

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