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  1. where did you take these pictures? they are so beautiful – i kept them in mind for over two years and i’d love go there one day. it looks so amazing.

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  4. Absolutely amazing, this collection really does hold a lot of expression and emotion. If you look at each photo long enough and really think about the scene and subject, it can really tell a story.

    These definitely are pretty pictures, but also much much more. I especially like the first one, and the last two. Incredible expression – I love! <3

    Nirrimi, you're brilliant at capturing moments and feelings on camera – each picture IS a story of its own. Keep going!

  5. Oh my goodness these are beautiful! I love the mood, the colors, the location…everything! The first image is particularly powerful – I love the concept. Your photos are all incredible – I'm so glad I found your blog!


  6. Amazing! really amazing! you have the photographer eye Nirrimi, you are definitly amazing! I loved the first one, I love the second one so much!!!!!! Even if the model is the same, and the place the same too, they look so different and so particular. Each of this picture is magical in its own way.

  7. I'm loving the windswept hair and the way she blends with the landscape, handing herself over to the soil, to the elements of nature.

  8. the second and the last shots – phenominal! i do like Part 1 better though because its more controversial . great work!

  9. I love the last one, and the first one on the other post. If this was my grave the model was prancing around on naked I wouldn't care, but if it was the grave of someone I loved, I would be offended.

  10. Oooooh my godness! These are stunning (i'm in love with the last one, i add it to my favorites-nirrimi's-photo list ^^)

  11. So awesome. The graveyard is amazing.
    I like the second part better than the first, even thought the first part stunned me with its dark feeling (it's great).
    I love these, Nirrimi.

  12. All the pics, all the blog. Amazing… Not only the pics are great, all that it makes you feel… Congratulations

  13. normally a shoot like this would creep me out, but this is pretty incredible.
    especially the last shot. x.

  14. Ummm? Is it just me or is this particular series vaguely offensive? And the posing is largely awkward? And the editing – in terms of selection of images, not in terms of post production – is jarring, and doesn't flow like your stories normally do. It's also not a fresh idea or original story which is what I normally enjoy in your work. The colours and framing are quite nice though.

    Don't get me wrong I usually love your stuff, but this is just off for me.

  15. oh my god, these are too good! It makes me realize how lazy I've gotten with posing my models and how much it can impact a photograph. You are seriously incredible at what you do!

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