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  3. Hey.
    Well, I just want to tell you what all the people must say to you all time, your work is great, I really admire what you do. I love your "bold" images, but also your poetic photographs like "she's a rose".


  4. this is so powerful! so strong Nirrimi. so strong!!! you are amazi8ng, and all your pictures have something different one from another! I love your style, I love how you catch the soul of the people!

  5. very reminiscent of ryan mcginley.
    i'd somehow thought of you as a person with solid philosophy and a great outlook on life, from all your fashion shoots, but reading your previous post made me realise that wasn't the case.
    it's not "cool" to admit to underage drinking and drug taking on the internet, especially when you're putting your face, real name, and a brand to it.

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