Springtime Snow

Life has been peaceful since coming home, even amongst all the busyness.

One morning we woke up to snowflakes flurrying past our window. It was spring and the sun was full but the land was covered in fresh snow.

I’ve only ever seen sleet, never so much that the land seemed to ache beneath it. Now and then a tree branch would snap and echo out into the endless white, but otherwise all was magically silent. It was a childhood dream come true.

I dressed myself and Alba warmly and we went outside. I imagined we were walking into Narnia. A snowflake gently fell on Alba’s cheek and she snuggled into me. She was curious, her little blue eyes flicking from the snowy tree-tops to the falling snow and then to the long, white slope up to our home, our garden hidden dormant somewhere beneath. It is so nice to think that all that she sees takes a place somewhere in her memory. Even though she might not remember the day as vividly as we will, or in the same way, I know one day she will feel awe watching the videos we filmed of it.

We visited a festival of Joy at the Katoomba community garden. There was folk music, food made fresh from the garden and laughing kids running underfoot. Alba crawled on the grass and we all shared pumpkin soup.

For years I’ve been wanting to take part in national novel writing month (NaNoWriMo). And now that I am more busy than ever I’m finally doing it. Since becoming a mama I’ve realised how precious time is. In ways I’ve been more creative and productive than ever, because my free time is so fleeting.

It’s not been easy finding opportunities to write between moving interstate, shooting, editing, emails, social networking, releasing the new Color Shop, cooking, cleaning, taking care of Alba and so on. But I do, and somehow I even have time to spare for board games and philosophical discussions with M.

At around midnight when Alba falls asleep I sit in my rocking chair with tea, dark chocolate and my laptop and I write until 5am. Alba wakes up a few times to feed and I welcome the break and the chance to run my hands over her baby skin. The next day I sleep in while M brings her outside. She happily chomps away on greens while he gardens, calling out “birr! birr!” as she spots birds. Being a mama is so time consuming that some times I feel pangs of regret at the time I wasted when I had all the time in the world. But I chose this for a reason, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The house is beginning to feel empty. Upstairs we pack boxes and boxes of things we have collected together over the past two years. It’s strange to think that before we moved here the entirety of our earthly belongings fit into two suitcases. Most of these things will be given away, so we are left with only things we truly love.

Our front garden was once a slope of bare, unfertile soil. Over the last six months M has brought it to life. Some afternoons we pick rocket, baby spinach and herbs for salads. Cherry tomatoes burst sweet and sun-warmed on our tongues and soon the kale will be ready to eat.

Of all the things we’re leaving behind, this will be the hardest. M is making the garden self-sustaining, so hopefully it will live on and continue to provide in his absence.

These are our last weeks in the home where we went from being teenage lovers to becoming a family.

(Note: This post has been published two weeks late. Right now we only have two days left in our mountain home.)

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  1. love your photos! you are so beautiful! can i know the brand of your baby carrier? my baby is so heavy now for the wrap O.O
    keep inspiring more people!


  2. Nirrimi!!!!!!!!!!! you really inspire me! nothing new for you, but your photos move things in my self than nothing else could.
    I have been wearing my babies since the day they where born… now I have 2 Lien and Robyn and the wrapping takes some time. I love the carrier that you are using. What brand it is? We live in South Florida.

  3. May LOVE help you do what you have to do!

    Are you here?
    Light loves you!
    A real human being!

    Take good care!

  4. do you know that you are my fellow on my way to find my home.
    i like my travel but the most important thing i really would like to have a family, one day, like you all..
    and the photos.. you are inspiring me.
    have a good road to home.
    and please never stop

  5. Can you tell me where you found your red cloak? I’ve been looking for something like that to keep me warm in nyc this winter. P.S. I also adore your big gray bat-wing cardigan.

  6. It’s sad, but it’s also nice to leave a place just with beautiful memories.
    What you show us is incredible, full of light and love…
    Keep going, don’t stop=)

  7. I love that you are writing – that it is beautiful words.Maybe you will publish it, maybe you will keep your words hidden, but i love that you are writing and creating in more and more ways as you live and let the everyone peek in on pieces of it.

  8. Wow, I feel really sleepy when reading your posts, what beautiful words. But I’m awoken again by your gorgeous photos. Sigh….

  9. Beautiful ! I feel as though I’m reading a magical fairy tale . Keep writing and posting . I wish you well in the next chapter of your lives and good luck with the move .

  10. Your dear Alba is true love child. I am happy you have now seen snow and the best of luck with your new home.

  11. Your words are simply so beautiful Nirrimi. Looking at your little Alba, she looks so much like her daddy! Thankyou for sharing your thoughts, your family, it makes me smile whenever I see a new post by you.
    Rhi xx

  12. Did anybody notice? This is the first time Nirrimi uses capitalization!!!!!!
    Anyway, wonderful pictures and beatiful prose. Thank you immensely for taking your time and sharing this with us, Nirrimi.

  13. the snow is so magical! alba is so precious, and these photographs are delightful. I hope your writing has been and continues to flourish!
    p.s. I want to thank you so dearly. although I do not know you personally and you have never met me, your work and wisdom has inspired me so very much. I am now chasing my dreams. I recently shot my first “real” fashion shoot, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had. you have touched my heart with your work, your words, and your beautiful little family. you are an inspiration. thank you <3

  14. ive adored your images for so long nirrimi… since discovering you on flickr many years ago! i love reading your thoughts on life! i often wonder what we did with so much free time before we had children when we manage to fit so much into our lives now, after starting a family but it just makes you realise how precious our life is… keep sharing your heart with us x

  15. beautiful pictures, you must really love your family and children. so lovely to see how happy you all are together, that brings a little hope in everyones life i think!

  16. It’s always lovely to hear tales of your little family adventures. Your writing style is so enchanting, it makes me feel as if I’m reading a novel that’s constantly unfolding. Your pictures always capture the most precious (and beautiful) of moments. The snow really has made the landscape look like Narnia!

    Love, Philippa xxx

  17. Not quite the same, but after I became chronically ill I also learned how precious time is, and now I regrett all the time I wasted by doing nothing before I got ill. Anyway, nice post and photos as always, and I hope your move goes smoothly. We’re moving too the next week, I find it so stressful!

  18. i spent a long time smiling after i read this post and staring at the last photograph, and into the refleection on it…and where is alba looking?

  19. there was a long-lasting smile on my face after i read this post and spent five long minutes looking/staring at the last photograph, smiling.

  20. You inspire me Nirrimi. Time is indeed so precious and to make use of it as you do is amazing. Read your post while feeding at 4am and I’m now up at 5am hoping to get some things done before the littlies wake up. I also need to get the camera out more to document growing family life. Thanks for sharing your heart and your life. xx

  21. You are such a talented writer! I wish this post was going on and on telling us the story of your really special life
    through your eyes and photos, of course!

  22. lovely photos and text, as always! you’re such a beautiful family! I wish you all the best with the move!
    greetings from berlin ♥

  23. This series is a fantastic visual journey through your lives. It is very interesting to read about how you’ve been wanting to write for NaNoWriMo. My 13 year old has been at it for a few months. Good luck to you and best wishes to the family.

  24. @karr it truly is a lovely place, but the warmth and beaches of Queensland are home to us, and it will be nice for Alba to be near family as she grows.

    @leia I started writing in capitals for my novel and I grew used to it. I think in a small way it marks the beginning of this new era in my life. I’m sorry if it doesn’t seem like me.

  25. @karr it truly is a lovely place, but the warmth and beaches of Queensland are home to us, and it will be nice for Alba to be near family as she grows.

    @leia I started writing in capitals for my novel and I grew used to it. I think in a small way it marks the beginning of this new era in my life. I’m sorry if it doesn’t seem like me.

  26. this is lovely. but why are you using capitals all of a sudden? you never, ever ever do… it feels weird haha! 🙁

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