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  2. Your photos are like beautiful, wondeful, amazing, soft dreams.
    And on a side note, look how many comments! You're famous 🙂 I'm so excited for your exhibition in NY.

  3. nirrimi your pictures are so inspirational and beautiful.

    you should get someone to video you doing a shoot, i agree with Antonio Ysursa, i'd love to watch your process too.

    what lens did you use to take these incredible pictures?

  4. The first and the fifth image blow my mind. I'd love to watch your process as you shoot; everything always looks so natural and effortless.

  5. Such an incredibly romantic style you have. The first photo makes her look like a woodland fairy.

  6. Oh Nirrimi! here you are!! these are stunning! I love them, and they makes me feel soo good! Only by watching these pictures. This is incredible how you can turn a person in something un-real. Like fairy tales. All the beauty and all the positive things are shown through your pictures.

  7. Ah what beautiful photos like usual.
    I noticed you on Triple J's 25 under 25 (congrats) and posted a little something about you on my blog incase you would like to have a little peak.

  8. OH THEY ARE ALL JUST WONDERFUL the lighting the poses the beauty everything!!!!

    The last one is a fav

    The one of the girl on the table is a fav

    The very first one is a fav

    You are talent in the greatest form!!!

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