tender hearted

after the love imaginary picnic received last year, i decided to piece together another little nothing film with footage i took of my friend in my hometown. it was a long time ago and it wasn’t much, but it’s a pretty way to spend a minute.

although these nothing films are nice, i have to tell you i have a something film in the works. hold your breath until then, because i promise it will be worth it.

and in case you missed my first.

43 love notes

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  2. they are both really lovely. I like the second one more, though. It is really amazing, the emotions in it and the girl is SO beautiful. The coldness felt just right in that one.

  3. these are beautiful, you're such an inspiration and you truly are an artist. you've got such a good eye in capturing serenity and beauty in the things around you!
    what software do you use to edit these? can't wait for your next one 🙂

  4. I've missed beauty in the world. That's why there is a love in me for you and your art, covered with everything and alive in the moment. You remind me of how beautiful this all is, if you are tender hearted. Thank you.

  5. Oh my god, nirrimi … I got chills.
    This is so unbelievably beautiful. I love the
    soft colours (how do you edit?) You're so
    talented … I wish I could create like that,
    and had the courage to get away from school
    and university.
    Ps, I had a dream where you sent me a letter
    in a yellow envelope and this film reminds me
    of it … it's like a lovely, sweet dream.

    You are my inspiration.

  6. Made me so happy watching this! (:
    The frozen winter night became a warm summer evening with this little film! thank you for sharing!!

  7. This is poetry, Nirrimi. Every shot has a beautiful color and the film has a metaforic way to tell things. I love every thing, there's not a think I dislike.

    I want to be a cinema director or a photographer, and since I discovered you on deviantart I think you're helping me to improve. Thank you very much.

  8. both videos are just lovely, they remind me a bit of the film the virgin suicides…just very dreamy

  9. Oh Nirrimi, thank you sooo much! I was waiting for this little film, and I knew this would be amazing!!! I was sure, and actually it is amazing! You are quite a genius, you know?
    this is delicate, this is a fairy tale. The colors are as always soft, and capturing!
    Pure poetry!!


  10. you really capture the beauty of being a girl! you can really see your heart in your work. 🙂

  11. the music and colors and light spill unto one another like candy colored yogurt. delectable. <3

  12. hayley, right?
    she is so, so, so beautiful.
    and your film + the soft amazing music complements so well, it gave me goosebumps, it's so very pretty.
    please continue feeding us small, little films. i love them.

  13. Oh what a lovely video!!! you are so young at heart but so mature inside, you'll be huge, don't ever stop growing!



  14. OMG your a completly artist, but i guess you already kwow that. I'd love you to reply my comment, it would be an honnor.
    I'm just starting in this photography world. I looove photography, and let me tell you, you're one of my more important inspirations.


  15. Love these, they're very beautifully done! Love the soft focus and that fog in the first one is very mysterious!

  16. AMAZING! It reminded me of old summer days. The video speaks for itself, and it shouts your name in every scene. I'm sure I'd have recognized this video as yours even if I had watched it somewhere else and it didn't say your name; and that's because you have developed a beautiful, unique style over the years. I'm really looking forward to your upcoming films. I mean that! And the music is amazing too! Thomas is very talented 🙂

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