The Storm that Chased the Sun Away

I took some portraits with Ajier yesterday. One minute the sun was bright and the sky was blue, and the next lightning was piercing the sky and puddles were forming at our feet. I had no umbrella but I shot through the rain for as long as I could before huddling inside a little cave. It was Ajier, Jo (who was assisting) and me, and with nothing manmade in sight I imagined we were living in ancient times. We watched the rain beat on the cliffs and the grey sky light up. I felt like I could have stayed in that little cave watching the storm for hours.

Edited with Dust.

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  1. The second to last one! DANG it looks like she’s walking on water, amazing.
    p.s. I love how often you’re posting at the moment, it’s grand xx

  2. So effortlessly beautiful. Thank you for sharing these new images with us Nirrimi. You are a true source of inspiration. x

  3. so glad to finally see a woman of colour in your work. would love to see more (both men & women and of different body types). there is so much more to beauty than young, thin white women and men.

  4. Oh my god, just today I thought about writing you a message, asking if you could (have a possibility) do more shootings of unconventional, not-model beauty, of different colors and body types. I read your answer to Alex above, and I’m so glad that you actually want to do this! I just think you are one of those photographers, who really see the beauty in everyone, and not only see it, but can actually capture it in a most wonderful way. Thank you for your work Nirrimi, it is beautiful.

  5. Ohhhhmanohman, how beautiful it would be to take shelter in a little cave while a storm passed by. These photos are so gorgeous, I especially love the one shot from inside the cave where you can see the edge of the rock!

  6. @Alex I feel you, it is on my mind often. I called my friend last night and said it was weighing on my conscience putting these out there, but at the same time this is her natural body and I didn’t choose her for her thinness but her energy.

    For simplicity I’ve been using agency girls for my shoots this trip, because I don’t have the time here to scout and cast myself so they will be mostly thin, but I have been choosing the most unconventionally uncommercially beautiful girls I can. Widening the definition of beautiful is important to me. And by next trip, I would love to do the scouting myself.

    Thanks for the comment! I love thinking about how I can use my photography to make the world a better place. 🙂

  7. Breathtaking <3
    How funny life is – I was booked to shoot gorgeous Ajier in Brisbane yesterday, before her plans changed! What a lovely coincidence to see that she was captured by you!
    Beautiful work by three beautiful souls x

  8. What an extremely photogenic and stunning model Ajier is! The storm was kind of crazy, glad you managed to get some amazing shots out of it.

  9. glad to see people of color in your shots. hope the next thing you include would be various body types. beauty isn’t limited to the circle of thin white women.

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