The Color Shop


The Color Shop rerelease has been years in the making.

And at long last

here it is

M and I have been creating photoshop actions for the last 7 years. Color is our passion and obsession and TCS filters are the result of perfecting our most effective filters. They have been used by countless professional photographers; on billboards, magazine editorials, advertising campaigns, popular blogs and more. They make perfecting your photography effortless. All you need to do is load them into photoshop and press ‘play’.

Did I mention there are 2 free filter sets ready for you to try out?

Below is a discount code. It’ll expire on December 10th so get choosing (it’s not going to be easy).

Thank you endlessly for your support.

N + M + A

(aka: The Color Shop team)

Filter above is Earth from ‘The Earth Collection’.

Our wonderful new website was created by Daniel @ The Humble Giants.

8 love notes

  1. What a wonderful idea, I love this, have just downloaded now and can’t wait to try these amazing filters on my winter woodland photos. Love it!

  2. Oh- My. Gosh!

    I am so so so so HAPPY for you all! I can only guess how much work this has been for you! Ahhhh, deep breath. Release!

    You did insanely good with it and I wish to try them ALL! Ah, I want to shout this from the roof tops, darlings!
    I will find some great way to promote your work at for sure!

    Big hugs and a truckload of love.

    Ps. Fabian and I spent an evening ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing over your springtime snow post..;)

  3. Your shop is great! Yesterday I downloaded the free set and since then, I can´t stop playing with them! And I can´t decide which set should I buy. Thank you, that you are sharing them with us.

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