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  1. oh my lordy i just came across this blog, I LOVE YOUR WORK! now a follower ;D

    i'm just wondering if you have any idea where that necklace is from in the last photo? IT IS SO PRETTY.


  2. This is amazing
    it makes me want to buy a red lipstick and never leave my camera at home
    making life look like a movie scene just because it is so beautiful
    thank you thank you thank you for this

  3. all The way from South Africa saying …woooow that 2de photo is awesome xxx the whle range is 2 die for

  4. i love you girl
    you're such a beautiful person. you gave me so much inspiration and motivation. You give me confidence to explore myself and to be just who I am and most important to dream and to believe in my dreams!
    thank you so much! these pictures are beautiful as always!
    keep up that work!

  5. wooonderful pictures, I love them all, their atmosphere are so unbelievable great!!! <3
    no 2, 4, 6 and 9 are my favourites!

  6. I hope with all my heart,.. I wish and I really would be happy for you, if you will keep your mind free and pure as it is now, during your entire life.. I would do anything possible to give my children, the same mind-freedom as I can see through your photography.. it's becoming so rare in this days,.. in this world..

    I wish YOU all the best.


  7. oh my god you are so incredible!! these pictures are so gorgeous, the 6th photograph is one of the best i've seen for a long time!
    so so perfect!!

  8. behind the imagination. Really stunning! One can image her proper love story just looking these pictures. Love them. you are magical!

  9. i can't say how much these set bring me into another world. my goodness you are so amazing at what you do!

  10. Wow Nirrimi this is so beautiful!!! This is ART BABY.

    I just keep running out of things to say to describe how much I adore your stuff, and I get so excited everytime you post something new up here!!!

    I do wish you were posting more often!!!! But regardles, keep adventuring, keep it up!

  11. Very interesting. I love all of the photos and the 1950's/60's feel. You did a really great job at conveying the story through subtle hints; and your transitions were great too 🙂 I hope you do more work like this, because I really enjoyed it!

  12. the processing is really beautiful. and i can tell that each picture, if not all the images together, tell a story. from the well-chosen color scheme and the seductive shots with the male and female models, this is one of my favorites by you nirrimi. you are always an inspiration

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