21 love notes

  1. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how these beautiful models look so perfect, they have gifted photographers like yourself that know just how to show off their beauty. Stunning backdrop too

  2. There is such pure, lovely and magical beauty in your photos! Always, but in this case especially. You achieved something so simple and yet so hard – to capture the nude beauty, something that is so often stigmatized and yet should be so normal for all of us. Thank you Nirrimi for your art and your love for this world! I’m sure I am speaking for all of your followers when I say that I am excited to see where your creativity takes you in terms of the art you produce. I hope you don’t feel it as a pressure, we are just all really in love with all your work, be it photography, writing or something else.
    Wishing you all the best,


  3. It’s total poetry the way you caress the moment with the photography. There is humanity and love in every one of your shots. Thanks Nirrimi <3

  4. WOAAAAH i’ve admired your work since we were 15 and you’re just getting better. How do I do if I want to buy your photos? Is it even possible when I live in Sweden?g

  5. Letting the viewer feel the freedom and purity in a photograph is very, very hard. Here I feel that that is very present. It gives me a warm feeling inside. This is, as always, magical. 
    Lots of love <3 

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