25 love notes

  1. I found your website via Peppermint Magazine and I’m loving wandering through your archives.

    There is something magical (for me) about visual storytelling and I find your words and images to be captivating. I’m so glad I found my way here to your hugely inspirational work.

  2. Dear Nirrimi❤ . I love your work. I love your blog. I love your pics, your words, your authenticity. I love your stories. Most of all I adore your spirit. I’d like to give you a big hug one day and to have a good laugh together 😉

  3. I truly love the sweetness of Ruby’s expression, as well as the location & the colors. Like Lita, I’m so excited you are posting so much art lately <3

  4. I love the stage. I love the model. I love you.
    I admire your gift with photography. Congratulations and my best wishes for you, today and always <3

  5. Your silence from blogging a while ago hid pictures and stories like gold treasures. Each time i get noticed that you have a new posting, I’m worried that I’d have a heart attack or something because of my own excitement. This set is so so beautiful.

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