Young Love I

“In the middle of the night I am still wide awake because it takes a long time to memorise the sound of your breathing, the shape of your body and the feeling of your warm hand in mine. Soon you will be gone and these souvenir memories will be all I have left of you to hold. You will forget how my voice sounds, the jokes we laughed at until we cried and the way my tooth pokes out when I smile, but I will never forget you.”

Lovers: Lorelle + Jake

Filters: Dust + Velvia + Rosebud

46 love notes

  1. There is an innocence, purity in your photographs. I enjoy your interpretation of young love. It makes me feel so nostalgic. 

  2. My gosh these photos are absolutely stunning! You have an amazing eye and you capture so much in every photo, i’m simply amazed! Congratulations, i’m so glad i discovered your work today! <3

  3. These photographs are so beautiful. They are a story in itself. The feelings and emotions are pouring out of these pictures. Beautifully captured and are so mesmerizing. <3 <3 <3 🙂

  4. Sensuous, empathetic, an unseen observer of the emotional attachment between two individuals. So reminds me of my own loves past, and makes me yearn for my next… Beautiful images!

  5. These photos capture such warm and gentle feelings of couple. I love them so much. Thanks Nirrimi, for expressing pureness of intimacy

  6. So so so very beautiful. You always find the most wonderful ways of capturing the most wonderful moments and feelings. Thank you, Nirrimi, for doing what you´re doing. Thousands of hugs from Sweden!

  7. beautiful pictures, but… the recurring picture of the man comforting the woman is dangerously clichĂ©. It would be great if photographers started challenging this traditional view of the woman as the weak individual and the man as the strong one who reassures in heterosexual relationships. Please take this in consideration. x

  8. I can feel everything, ohh, you’re so talented. The snake is such a clever prop (though it feels rude to call it such a thing)! Love the underwater kiss shot in the bathtub, too. But that fourth photo of her looking into his eyes–that’s the one. ♥

  9. Stunning as usual. How do you do this, these photographs are perfect each and every time. They have something special, every single photograph. Keep up the good work Nirrimi, you are one of my biggest inspirations. <3

  10. These pictures make my heart hurt and put a tear in my eye. I have not forgotten what it’s like to feel this way and I hope never will. Thank you x

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