2011 iphone diaries

the year begins in the heat of north queensland

my cousin and sister in the flooded park

words for our future children

taking pictures on the way from brisbane to toowoomba

sleeping in a pitched tent in my grandparent’s garden

sunday morning at my aunt’s house (before being jumped on by wide-awake children)

belle riding on m’s shoulders

the super 8 that m picked up at a swapmeet

a rainbow on valentine’s (m cooked a picnic basket’s worth of food and we took the girls to the park)

sleepy sommer in the back of the car

some old photographs from a wooden chest. left, my mother as a child and right, my young grandparents

some angry geese we met on our adventures with the girls

spiderbite sick belle getting cuddles from her mother

dinner with maria- she’d flown me to victoria to shoot for her salon

some art i liked pasted on the wall of an elevator in melbourne

the beginning of our street when it wasn’t yet ours

a map of the town & the first inspection

the first few nights spent on the cold floor (but we couldn’t have cared less)

making it home

days later when m had finished putting the ikea furniture together

our mountains

our special place at the end of the street

a place found while exploring

on a ferry, taking sommer, belle and freya to luna park

taking the three sisters to see the three sisters

red dirt land

adventure to a graveyard

a late night swingset date with m

painting the girl’s bookcase & belle’s picture for m

leaving on the greyhound bus

shooting danielle in front of the harbour bridge

danielle asleep on the long train ride back from the city

lighting the fireplace for the first time

our day and night of snow

m editing a short film i shot for a clothing label

winter fog in katoomba

two very magical lines

sweet writing in m’s journal

shooting a lookbook for milk & honey

early morning bondi

m asleep beside his sister, ashlin

taking m’s sisters to the cinema in perth

flying over sydney

my gatepass

one of the billabong models busking in a french train station

fruit for dinner in paris (thank-you pregnancy cravings)

m and his camera, at a restaurant in provence

travelling across europe by train

seaside cafes

a boutique hotel in florence (and me hiding in my hair)

the view from our balcony in cinque terre, italy

the view from to the right, a garden of umbrellas

m sleeping on the train back from the airport

a train crushed by a falling tree when there were storms in the mountains

a note m left on our blackboard after an argument

the warmth that is us

m’s 21st birthday presents, a guitar and a banjo

arriving in auckland, new zealand at night

a monstrous rock at piha beach

m in our hotel room

later on in auckland, the image i’d shot for bic runga pasted on a wall

a naked tree a few stations over

picnic by a waterfall

the only day of sun in many months of cold

the pub down the street, with forever lit fireplaces

me reading in a bookstore in the city

interview in yen magazine

the beginning of a belly at 18 weeks

night trains through vietnam

saigon through the taxi window

our hotel room in nha trang

restaurant by the river

a cat startled by a family of scuttling crabs

lazy beach days in hoi an

summer fruit

pre-meal uno ritual

shopping for things for alba in markets

a drawing and a tiny dress for alba

alba’s hammock & stuffed animals from saigon

25 weeks

our new rocking chair, with car lights streaming through foliage onto our door

spring flower picking

wishing goodness for our baby

28 weeks and an iced chocolate from my favourite cafe

making tiramisu to quieten cravings

picking up my little brother from the station in the pouring rain

monopoly with zake and m

my favourite grocer in the world

30 weeks & lunch inbetween hypnobirthing classes with m

late afternoon walks down our street

photographing the lead singer of the preachers

my early christmas present from my love

my brother getting his first tattoo (a few days after a very messy 18th)

zake’s flying spaghetti monster tattoo

in my best friend’s pool in the townsville heat

my sister and cousin painting me

my rainbow belly

watching the birds in the trees from our bed

35 weeks

one month left

pictures by me and by my love, taken on our iphones throughout the year.

123 love notes

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  2. I just discovered your blog, it's amazing. Thank you so much, it's so wonderful. 🙂


  3. nirrimi, these are beautiful! it looks like you have had a great year. 🙂
    you've inspired me to do more with my iphone pictures. 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos. I became more transfixed as I scrolled 🙂
    I wonder if you have given birth to Alba yet; if not I wish you a smooth labour and can't wait to see her beautiful face through your amazing photography.


  5. can't wait to see the little girl. she will look just like you, i'm sure!
    my little sister is pregnant, and in a sort of sweet way she likes to keep it to herself, as if she can keep it safe from the world that way. we will find out in a few weeks if it's a boy or girl, but my sister-intuition says boy.

    i will keep you in my thoughts, and hope all goes well for you the day she decides to join the world! (and a sea of happy followers online!)

  6. It's kind of weird seeing the "the pub down the street" photo… I have sat in those exact seats with my boyfriend just this winter, waiting for a taxi back to Blackheath. The bar is just behind that doorway! And it goes onto a little bottle shop hehe

  7. I love your ability to capture so much through your images. I wish you and m all the love and happiness in the world, with your little alba xo

  8. beautiful post. I feel like I know u a bit now.. Im sure 2012 will be full of love and sunshine for you and your family

  9. i love love love following your blog. you and your boyfriend are admirable people. you seem to enjoy every second of life, that is so great!

    wish you the very very best for 2012!!

  10. hey guys, i have a question; where do you know where does She (weliveyoung author) live? which city and country? i can't find it anywhere..

  11. a lot of great iphone photos! looks like u had a great year!

    which lens do u use most often when you're on trips? i've always put the 50mm on cause it doesn't weigh much and the low aperture is great. but i also have a zoomlens. it's much heavier but gives me more to "work with"…

    ragnhild – utnephoto.com

  12. words can't describe how incredible your talent is lil' lady. your blog is inspiring beyond all others. X

  13. Wow, what an inspiring post. The journey of your baby's life has been so rich and full of love already, it's beautiful! Gorgeous photos!


  14. you are one amazing soul.
    and so is the soul that lies in your heart and inside your belly.

    wish all the best for you.

  15. amazing post! i was inspired from the beginning to the end. wish you the best, and good luck with the upcoming baby. you live an amazing life! you are a great inspiration to me 🙂

  16. i started crying when i saw the photo of bic runga and the skytower in the background. i'm not even so sure why, i just love your photography and i'm so happy for you and matt. and i think the fact that you've been here, in my country, is just amazing to me. best wishes to the three of you for 2012 xo

  17. Nirrimi you are so beautiful!!! A post I have especially been looking forward to!!! Sorry for missing you when you came up here but I am still deterined to use what I can find to create a portrait of you for this Art Award, only to show TOwnsville what beauty and inspiration has come from it! Perfect opportunity!!

  18. This is such an amazing story. wauw, i'm stunned!
    Beautiful pictures!
    And i hope you will have a good last month before the birth!

    Happy new year!


  19. Oh, wow! You're so pregnant.
    And these pictures are lovely, is that really the view from the end of your street?? It's beautiful. I'm jealous.

  20. You are such an inspiring person! The photos are amazing and full of feelings, it doesn' t matter that they are just iPhone pictures, they show life. I wish to you and Matt and to your Alba all the best in the world. I' m italian and maybe you already know it but I wanted to tell you that Alba is an italian name and world which means "dawn, sunrise, the first light of the day" even your baby's name is source of inspiration and love! 😀 Have a great 2012 <3

  21. so beautiful pictures of your exceptional life. i wish you the new year to be even better.
    i hope Alba comes safely among us.

    much love

  22. Once again, speechless, by your beautiful life filled with love and adventure. Amazing photos, and you prove once again, that it's the photographer and not the camera. Love following your lifes Nirrimi and M, Wishing you all the best for your beautiful daughter to be, and for another amazing year full of adventures, and meaningful pictures.
    You are such an inspiration,

  23. This is the first blogpost I've read in 2012, and it's so beautiful and magical.. I hope my year will be as magical as yours has been. I come from Vietnam, so it was really heartwarming seeing yours pictures from there

  24. I'm so happy and excited for your child to be born. You and Matt will be great parents. Beautiful pictures as always! May the new year be full of happiness and love for you guys.

  25. This year I gave birth to my second child – little Frederik. I am totally emotionally moved from your photos. Much love for you! Nika

  26. aaaa these are so breathtakingly beautiful I want to use each and every one! Your blog is just amazing. I hope you have an extraordinary new year! X

  27. that proves that we don´t need much to make wonderful and charismatic photos.
    Thank you for sharing a last chapter of your blog(book)in 2011.
    see you in 2012 ! kisses

  28. Your photos is good and is full of content and love as always.

    I think I prefer the photos about life to those for "editorial".
    (That's why I like following those blog about life.)

    Anyway, you make me have a stronger desire for an Iphone!

  29. its so wonderful to see your journey through 2011. i hope you, m and little alba will have a spectacular 2012. 🙂 <3

  30. Thank you for sharing with us!
    So much love in these photos, in so many forms.
    This proves that one doesn't need a fancy camera to capture life around them. Your photos are always incredible.

  31. i think i just sat here for half an hour watching your journey.. (: thank you for sharing this, nirrimi <3

  32. I loved this post, all the pictures were so natural and of the moment yet at the same time, personal and sweet. It seems like you have had an eventful and amazing year.

  33. amazing photos, seems like you have an extraordinary and fun life.. that's a way to live…
    the first picture is dreamy btw.. are you naming your baby Alba? that's a beautiful name… best wishes this 2012, love your blog, stay cool!

  34. wow, how amazing! your so inspiring (don't know how to spell it, coming from denmark)
    Hope all of you will have a good new year!

  35. Such gorgeous photos, you have had a beautiful year and I'm sure next year will be even more beautiful with Alba coming into the world. Wishing you all the best

  36. you are a brilliant photographer, because not many could make iphone pictures look so beautifully surreal. love it.

  37. amazing. the editing is superb and it just goes to show it's not the camera, but the photographer that makes the pic.

  38. so much love, nirrimi!!
    Have a wonderful year ahead. 🙂

    ps. Alba will be born very close to my birthday. So special.


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