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  3. This is so lovely. I love the freeness of these photos.
    Hope you don't mind but i reblogged them 🙂

  4. You have the most amazing little models. The young ones are my favorite. So free spirited with nothing to lose.


  5. you are amazing- just been going through all your blog- so inspiring, think i'm going to do a feature on my blog about you 🙂

  6. the 2nd one is definitely my fav!!
    love the lighting and tone and all the colours

  7. Your work is so beautiful and doing it from a young age. you are one true artist my friend and cant wait to see more of your work! I am going to follow you.

  8. Bummer about the film, but holy bananas…just LOOK at these photos! Success no matter how you slice it.

  9. the single most gorgeous thing i have seen in a very very long time, nirrimi, you are wild.

  10. im not sure what it is, but all of your photos just have this mystical and dreamy feeling. so amazing!


  11. these are adorable.

    you always manage to capture such emotion in your photos yet they're so simple. respect!

  12. i just love the way you take photos. and these are stunning & inspireing.

    thank you so much for those!!

  13. These are incredible. I honestly love them. It feels like such a loss that the film got deleted… just from these few photos I feel like I can tell it would have been amazing.

  14. I love the first photo, the colours are gorgeous and her expression asks so many questions.

  15. Lying here on my bed far away in Europe and admiring what you do! Sure to dream this nite of your texts, your pictures and your lifestyle. Hope to get some of it into my life to!

  16. Wow I just visited your blog and… wow I love your pictures and the way you write, describing your photos and stuff.
    I knew American people where amazing (OMG are you American ?!). Anywhere even if you're English or Australian or something I love your blog. (I live in France)

  17. this is so amazing nirrimi; the atmosphere, emotion, and your sister? glad you made it safe in L.A 😉 d'awe i wish i could be half as talented as you. you should do a meetup in nyc, itd be an honor to meet THE NIRRMI JOY.

    goodluck with your stay in the americas


  18. These pictures are amazing. Matt's sister is so cute 🙂 Have an incredible time in Los Angeles! You have to tell us everything about it later! 😀

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