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  1. Hi ! I can comment every post about this fantastic roadtrip through Europe… so, let’s go ! You are so amazing, it’s just incredible and so fabulous to see how your life is beautyful and successful… You’re so lucky but you deserve it because you are so talented. Your universe is full of beauty and so many things whose make life better and prettier… ! Hm I’m french so… sorry for my english ! Anyway, good luck and good way, you’re facinating. Thanks to share a lot with the world ! Hélène.

  2. Could you restart writing again? Your photos are, as always, extremely breathtaking and wonderful, but so used to be your thoughts and stories. Please, I miss Reading your blog!

  3. Gorgeous pictures and a great campaign. So fresh and spontaneous, the girls look natural and not over-done. You really feel like a fly on the wall following a few total babes around Europe. Love watching you develop as a photographer.

  4. I’m not gonna say “these photos are very very very beautiful!” because everyone already said so. Arrgh but I just did. LOL. My favorites are the first five! 😉

  5. hey 🙂 i just wondered about this a long time and always wanted to ask you this!

    how do you think about people giving babys the name nirrimi? (because of you or a different reason.)
    do you think it’s good or ar you thinking agains that?

    love and hugs

  6. Holy shit! The pictures are just so lovely, and the models are more than beautiful! I love it! I just wanna be there and be just so happy and beautiful as the girls in the pictures!

  7. Omg, you are so talented! I can’t belive it. Each of your pictures is so full of life and so inspiring! I love to look at your pictures. I can’t explain, but they’re making me happy. Thank you for sharing!

  8. absolutelly stunning shots! great work nirrimi, love em 🙂
    i have a question, are all these shot only with natural lighting and if yes, which camerasettings do you use?
    lots of love

  9. You’re so talented! I’ve loved your work for a while and you’re a continuous source of inspiration of mine – I wish I could shoot like you! Lovely photos. X

  10. this is so cool! just wondering if u could make more some free curves. I dont know but these are so beautifull. Thanks anyway nirrimi.

  11. Every time I look at your photos, I just want to say the same thing – you are so amazing. So much character to every single photo you take. I hope maybe one day we will work together 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

  12. I absolutely love every single image here. it all has such a powerful feeling of emotion freedom and they are soooo exceptionally beautiful. they really represent what it is for being young…..BY THE WAY love her BOB MARLEY tattoo.

    <3 from Jamaica

  13. I absolutely love these, such candid emotions, seems like a dream life! Makes me want to travel and take pictures right this second. :}

  14. oh my god, i’m afraid i can never understand how you and your photos can be so inspiring and full of life.

  15. The last picture is my favourite. The girls writing down what ever it is that came into their mind. So raw and real.

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