this is the short version of a film i shot for the label mok theorem. it opened their runway show during RAFW. it stars my dear friend courtney and seven year old cousin sommer. it is inspired by the chaotic and beautiful life cycle of a butterfly. it was shot near my new home in the blue mountains over three afternoons.

much love, x

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  2. i love the music. i downloaded it immediately.
    your filmmaking is beyond wonderful.
    thankyou, ches.

  3. This is beautiful, every angle and movement is so swift and…literally perfect. I cannot think of another word to describe it.
    Your photos are beautiful as well, I just stumbled upon them and I'm pleasantly surprised.

  4. SO talented!!! I watched this yesterday on someone else's blog – It's incredible. Gives me goosebumps! Can't wait to see more! xx

  5. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get a chance, could you check out mine? i would love to see some of your opinions about it! 🙂

    follow me?

  6. Absolutely incredible, your photography is full of feeling, I like to round my self of good and beautiful things, your blog is one of these things. Thnak you very much (Is not necessary to say that i follow you)

  7. seriosly this is amazing! im in love with your blog its one of my favourites. such beautiful work!

  8. WOW, congratulations, this film is… perfect! 🙂 I didn't know the song, and before reading that it was by Bjork, I was thinking in "Dancer in the dark"… It's similarity 🙂


  9. this is so beautiful ! I really like this … you are so creative and have a bis ideas! keep going :DDD

  10. OMG OMG YOU BLOW MY MIND EVERYTIME….i've been so down lately…feeling like life is worth nothing…thanks for every sooooooooooooo inspiring me all the time

  11. I feel like I've seen that reverse shot of the bare back and pretty hair somewhere else … hopefully with your permission!

    I'm in love with your films! Every frame could be a perfect photo. Is this all with your canon camera? How do you get the colours so rich?

  12. words cannot convey on what i'm feeling right now
    this is beyond beautiful…make more short films!

  13. a song from bjork is such a great choice for a video like this, I think it really corresponds with your work.
    and the video is lovely… as always.

  14. My God, Sommer is one wonderful child!
    Despite the length, I think it tells the story really well. I love the slow motion effect very much – it adds so much character.

    I think a lot of people could feel the emotion of this film even when it didn't screen properly during RAFW.

  15. 0:30 oh my god the way her hair slip down on her back… Most beautiful 2 seconds of the clip!!

  16. This is soo gorgeous! I was so happy to hear there was a new little film by you..and now I saw it…i m just speechless! this is amazing Nirrimi, this has a very high level! I love it so much!!! you're gorgeous, you really are!

  17. Hell yeah blue mountains! 😀 I'm going to Blackheath this weekend. My family will hopefully own a house there officially in 2-3 weeks! It's such a beautiful place. Must be freezing at the moment!!

  18. You and Matt are two incredibly talented people. I love the softness of this. The transition from clip to clip varies just right for the progression of the music. I'm sorry it didn't present correctly on stage, for it's very beautiful here. I hope you create many more films in this vein.

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