face scouting – LA airport

matt pointed this girl out to me, near our gate at LA airport. we’re photographers and can’t help noticing beautiful, photogenic strangers. usually i am too shy to ask to take a picture of someone i find beautiful, but this time i had my camera on me and newfound confidence from new york, so i thought why not?

i walked after her and asked her father (who she had clearly gotten her clear sky eyes from) if i could take her picture and he said i could. she did the cute, teethy grin all kids do because they have been taught to look happy in photographs. so i asked her to pretend i wasn’t there, to look like she did before i came. i took this picture, said thankyou and left, feeling proud of myself for being brave.

i think i will be braver in the future, especially when it comes to the strange and lovely creatures on the streets. i never want to forget another beautiful face.

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  3. This is indeed very inspiring. It's not easy for shy photographers (which is how I would describe myself) to approach beautiful people. It's something I'm trying very hard to learn how to do. Here's to a much braver future for all of us!

  4. I am the same as you. I live in Paris and blog about it but am too shy to as people about taking their photos. Although I know how it is when someone wants to take my picture (makes me happy) I still don't know how to ask and it's always too late when I decide to actually do it… Maybe I should be inspired by you and simply just do it! Both for me, the person I shoot and for the blog!

  5. Really beautiful portrait of a beautiful face… it really does look way better when you ask them not to smile. It just looks more natural and soulful that way. I'm also currently photographing strangers and I completely understand the nervousness before approaching a stranger, but the resulting image is just really worth it, isn't it?

  6. Oh I wish I had that confidence.. I've seen so many people that I wanted to photograph but I did not have the nerve to ask

  7. ah the shape of her face is brilliant!
    i wonder how old she is..
    you did a great job picturing her!

  8. this girl's face is totally inspiring, it shows that innocence is not lost, especially being in America. I really love this loads

  9. Love the randomness of taking an absolutely stunning photo of a stranger . . . I look at this face and can't even imagine it doing a big toothy grin as you say.
    Because the photographer has talent, and can to do what she likes to the eyes of the beholder.



  10. wow! she is so gorgeous! you are so incredibly talented at capturing stunning moments! xox

  11. This is so wonderful, i love it!
    May I ask, what you asked her father? And did you mention your blog?

  12. This is so wonderful, i love it!
    May I ask, what you asked her father? And did you mention your blog?

  13. I am usually (always) too shy to ask somebody if I can take their picture. You know those 'street style' articles in magazines? I always wondered how you approach somebody and ask to take their picure. There must be a trick to not sounding creepy … Do you remember what you said to her father?

    I think we are quite similar. I never want to forget a beautiful stranger.

  14. I was on the bus the other day and saw a girl I thought you and Matt would love – she looked a lot like Matt's little sister and when she made eye contact her stare was penetrating. I was wishing you two were there!

  15. theres a beautiful red haired boy i have this problem with. i walk past him every morning and i want him to model for me so badly!!

  16. i ask for phone numbers all the time now for networking purposes but always felt awkward when asking for girls phone numbers, as if I was some creep. Most people are discerning enough to know if you are or if you're just a nice person. Go for it, let them say yes or no. We only live once. I think you get better at doing it the more you do it.

  17. Awwww! She is beautiful. That's so amazing. You have no idea how many times I have seen people in stores or walking and I just want to ask them if I can photograph them, but I have always been too shy to ask them.

    I think next time I'm just going to do it. Life is too short.

    Thank you for this. 🙂

  18. She's perfect Nirrimi. Perfect in a mundane, random yet beautiful way. You're getting your courage up I see! That's the spirit! Did the girl had her photo? I think it would be great if she has a copy too.

    Did you know you just touched her life? And certainly she has touched yours. 🙂 Always on the lookout for your gorgeous works!

    Love xx
    Iris 🙂

  19. Wow, she is gorgeous. She has such a warm open face. Well done for getting the courage to take the photo, i don't think i would have!
    You inspire me,
    Pearl xo

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