films, dinner parties and new york city

(above is an image from a beautiful shoot yesterday. the series is for a magazine, so i am sorry i can’t show you yet, but i wish i could. luckily this shot doesn’t quite fit, so here it is, out in the wild.)

you might know that i am an aspiring film maker. of course, i haven’t made much yet, a few little music/inspiration films here and there. but nothing of thought or substance.

i am always thinking about films. ideas for scripts and scenes and filmed moments. my films would have their roots in my pictures. that soft, whimsical youngness and sunlight. but with a louder voice. one that gets into your mind and i think you’ll either love it, or it’ll unnerve you. maybe you’ll even hate me. i don’t care, i just want to change and inspire people.

my father was a filmmaker when he was younger. i remember not long ago watching a cowboy film he directed, wrote and acted in. it was made a long time ago. he won a lot of awards for his films. and even though we are very different, it’s nice to know my passion came from somewhere.

i have a book i am filling with ideas for short films. i want to do this. and if i want to do something i will, i’m that kind of person.

george and aria (the pretty boy and girl from the pictures on the beach) came over the other night for a dinner party (slash going away party). i cooked spaghetti bolognaise for dinner and heart shaped lemon tarts with cream for dessert. we played monopoly and i rolled a 5 eight times in a row. then we went on the roof and watched the city and took pictures. i realise how much i love making other people happy. it is the most wonderful feeling.

i am leaving to new york on wednesday. can’t tell you why but it will be life-changing. i am bringing matt with me. it’s not sinking in yet, sometimes it will a little bit and butterflies will swarm around my tum, and then they’ll be gone. can you imagine? i can’t!

i’m going to take a hell of a lot of pictures for you guys. i can’t resist the chance to show this off!

au revoir love birds, check out matt + george’s blogs

no i never

arms around me

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  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I think I will leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  5. this is one of the most beautiful photographs i've come across, you eye lashes draw me in its all so soft and seductive in a beautiful way

  6. i've just recently been trying to do portraits (been doing street for a while), and your stream is one of the most awe-inspiring i've seen anywhere.

  7. as hilary said, ur life is a subject for a beautiful movie. I wanna become a filmmaker too so who knows, maybe we'll have a collab some day 🙂 I'll visit new york next year and I wanna wish an amazing trip. I'm sure it will, live at the fullest and I'm sure there are more to come.
    Hugs from Romania,

  8. nyc will be absolutely eye opening for you, i expect. a pain in the ass certain ways but it will teach you so much about photography and other things that you would have never dreamed of…i am still finding out things here every day.

  9. Good luck in NY! You are going to love it! Just remember, we live vicariously through you so DO BLOG!!!! xxo

  10. Oh my gosh, you're leaving so soon! How long will you be there for? New York is so close to me! (Not really 12ish hours by car, but it's closer to Canada than Australia is) You'll be so close by!

    You are such an inspiration, Nirrimi. And the things you write (about films especially) are exactly what I'm thinking about what I would long to do. Everything you write, or take pictures of, or film always gives me such a giddy feeling. You're like a constant bright light no matter what is going on.

    Your the kind of person they make movies about. Your life as a movie would be so amazing to see. Maybe you'll do that one day!

  11. If you want some inspiration for your filmmaking endeavors check out it's a bunch of awesome aspiring and professional filmmakers (usually all filming on DSLRs) its the mostest creative and helpful community and I looooooove it!

    and this is the coolerest video ever!

    have an amazing trip 🙂

  12. Oh wow! this pic is amazing! I can't wait to see the full serie. Hope it will be soon 🙂
    And your movies…oh Nirrimi!!! I'm exciting!!
    Take care

  13. I read this and you make all the simple things like dinner parties and playing monopoly look so extraordinary, so magic. Your love for life and photography is truly inspirational. Will be coming back for more! (:

  14. I want to know why you're going to New York! I'm so excited for you. haha

    Can't wait to see the pics too.

  15. Nice blogpost! Thanks for sharing!
    I love your mini-film "imaginary picnic",very nice. Looking forward to new ones.
    Can't wait to see the pics from NY!

  16. Did you skip sydney and ride over to new york already? You're life is moving so fast, its amazing.
    Your dreams seem to be in an arm reach

  17. hey nirrimi. i just realised you can post comments on this blog – im so silly.
    from last yr when you made it to Girlfriend mag for writing in your story i was shocked. and slightly dazed, at your age you began falling in love with your own passion.

    you & photography: probably the best relationship ever. i feel inspired by you because i am a person who has loved creative art since the age of 5, has done a fair bit of writing since yr 3 and started piano last yr.

    im someone who's passionate of making a revolution our world doesn't seem to yet be able to dissect our vibrant notions. just like you! dont let anything get in your way.
    check out my blog soon – i am going to try and upload some art/photography and write more creative pieces soon. check it out during your leisure nirrimi.

    : )

  18. a hello from brazil! i think you'll like to do some pics in sao paulo, where I live, or Rio de Janeiro. And if, some day, you came here, i would like to know you. I live in a beautiful avenue in SP, and you'll never forget the first night in SP or Rio, believe me!

    A knew friend.


  19. Good luck in NYC. I want to make a venture there soon. Looking forward to seeing the blogs coming through from over there. How long are you going for?

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