girls of sun

sisters t & m
travelled in a train for hours towards the morning peninsula and photographed them through the sunlight. i live for the nice summery days like these.

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  1. WOW. Just posted on the wrong post. I was just about to push SEND on an e-mail to you! And then I saw THIS ACTUAL BEACHY post and I thought to myself, this place looks familiar…BECAUSE I LIVE HERE! It’s Rye. Wonderful.

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  5. Wow! These are so beyond beautiful. Every picture you take is simply amazing. You're probably sick of people telling you how talented you are! Haha, maybe not. I'm so curious about how you set up shoots, are they paid? are your models still your friends? do you print any of your pictures? I want to crawl into your brain and see how you think.

    Do you have a favourite? I hate picing favourites, because I like them all! But maybe 3 and 4 because they're sort of like being in a dream.

  6. oh and another thing..sorry to spam the space 🙂
    i think a few readers of this blog are interested in photography so i thought i'd share one of my personal favourites.. this is an LA based fashion photographer with over 20 years of experience..She runs a Shot of the Week competition where the winning shot is displayed on her blog for a week to give the "up-and-comings" a bit of exposure… Nirrimi you should submitt your work for sure!!!!

  7. I think the photos are beautiful and (i dont know if i'm correct) they dont look like they have been retouched which makes them even better! Just natural beauty both in girls and the location…Was this your personal work or for a publication?

  8. to anonymous above:
    don't tell her that she could do better "you think" when these photos have nirrimi's heart and soul in them, and they're very reminiscent of her older photos. there are very few photographers who can capture that emotion and stories in their images.

  9. What camera did you use, Nirrimi?
    Gosh can't believe you're younger than me -.-'' So pretty so tall, you can model, other than photographing.

  10. amazing yet again!

    also, im curious and interested to know the story behind n + m… how did you guys meet? blog post about it? 🙂

  11. OH MY GOD! i said it once i'll say it again your camera skill are that of a god! one day i hope to be as good as you someday. your inspiration for all of us is a great one. keep it up nirrimi!

    and im jealous of your warm weather
    although we are starting to have it too
    but yours looks like summer time!

  12. 'I'm so jelous about that nice wheather you can enjoy. In my country it's earlyy spring, but snow don't want to disapear.
    Nirrimi, please, check your gmail if you haven't done it yet.. 🙂

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