happy birthday mama

thankyou for giving me the freedom to live with my entire heart, for making me believe in true love and for single-handedly raising my brother and i. i think you are the perfect mother for me, you never clipped my wings like others would have. you followed all my pursuits with me, nothing was impossible for us.

i’m sorry things weren’t always as beautiful as they could have been. but all the ugliness helped me grow and taught me so many things i’d otherwise never learnt. i’m sorry for growing up so quickly and i’m sorry for leaving. but i know you understand better than anyone else.

sometimes when i close my eyes and think back as far as i can remember, i can remember our houseboat. feeling the sea rock us back and forth into sleep. i can remember our house in love lane, with the ever-present smell of mango, the thorns in the yard, coloured baths. i would wake up in the middle of the night so scared i would go into your room (on the way always stopping to look at the goldfish asleep in his bowl) and cuddle up to you, where everything was safe. as life went on the safe moments became fewer, but when they happened everything was right in the world.

my childhood inspires a lot of what i create now, so thankyou for being unconventional and letting me and my imagination run wild. when i have children i hope i can believe in them as much as you did in me.

i love and miss you, i will see you in december

have a lovely birthday

love, your daughter

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  3. by reading this and seeing these pictures I understand your art and love it even more. Happy birthday to your mom! We should thank her for givin' us such an talented artist to inspire us.

  4. Nirrimi – how lovely to acknowledge your Mum. I watched her birth you into this world…thru a warm bath in your Grandad's home, so gentle and calm. I'm so glad you value her, because she really did think of you and how precious you were from the moment you entered the world. Lucky girl! And happy bird-day to the gorgeous Donni – a wonderful woman, Carolyn XXX

  5. This is truly beautiful. When the whole world realizes you are the next best thing, Nirrimi, you indeed must do up a colourful biography. It will be the greatest thing I've ever read!!

    Oh, and a book of photos, also. Only so I can flip through it often for inspiration and to feel positive about the world when times are down.

    You and your mum are both great.

  6. The first photo is gorgeous … the others are as well. What a sweet note to your mum! I know she appreciates it. I'm a bit jealous, your life sounds beyond amazing. You are definitely the kind of person they'll make wonderful indie movies about. I can't wait to watch!

    Happy birthday to your mum, from a stranger across the world in Canada. She sounds wonderful.

  7. so amazing that you still care about your mother; when others would be really distant – you are a huge inspiration nirrimi!

  8. aww, it was also my mom's birthday just this Tuesday and I also said the same thing that you mentioned on your second to the last pharagraph. Happy Birthday to your mom Nirrimi. 😉

  9. this post is so so lovely … i absolutely love the photographs your dad took ages & ages ago. happy birthday to your mom!

  10. oh this is so beautiful. these words…I think we can understand our art a little bit more after have reading this post. thank for sharing.

  11. thankyou Nirrimi.. for the tears in my eyes.. for forgiveness of imperfection.. for acknowledgement… most of all, for YOU because I would not be who I am without you… much love…. beyond words love you xxx

  12. this is just so beautiful! happy birthday to your mom, hope she's having a happy day!

    oh, and the pictures are so lovely! you were a cute child 🙂

  13. This is more than cute. I love, all is wonderful the text, the pictures. Love the whole post!

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