honey bunny

a little shoot i did before leaving melbourne for my home town. but i am back again and have time to blog. i’ve missed it!  expect a small, soft film from me soon. nothing really, just something i took of a friend in townsville.

in case you didn’t know why i went to new york city i guess it’s okay to break the news now the diesel campaign i shot is not yet out, but when it is, i’ll tell you guys first.

what’s on my mind in the meantime? the city of angels, folk music, loneliness, fashion parties and fish bowls.

model: pia
makeup: shella ruby
hair styling: ben martin
stylist: georgie soloman

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  4. Is that second picture in Richmond? You make that corner look good 😉
    She's gorgeous, my friend knows the model.


  5. Hey congrats! That's all fantastic! It's good to see you reaching your goals!
    Jut curious what sort of video camera do you use?

  6. I've forget to tell you I love love love Diesel! It was one of my fav brand time ago (but it is too expensive, so I couldn't buy their stuff, only with a 70% discount). Anyway I looove diesel, and you shoot for them!!!!! wooow! You are going to Vogue for sure, your dreaming became true!! I can't believe!! I m so happy for you!
    I just hope you are not going to lost yourself it the fashion world. You are so pure, and I hope you will stay pure as you are for long time! For ever…

    Take care

  7. Diesel campaign!? Wow that is huge! Congrats! Can't wait to see the pictures you taken for the campaign!

  8. Wow, you live on your own? How do you support yourself at such a young age? Bravo!

    By the way, love the photos. French is a fave <3

  9. Welcome BAck dear Nirrimi!! Welcome welcome!!! I m so happy to see your posts again! These two pic are amazing, as always, and I m over exciting to see the movies!!

    TAke care

  10. seriously i guessed it would be diesel!
    that's great! can't wait to see the results!
    these pics are awesome as well

  11. Wauw, Diesel, that is so great! Can't wait to see how they turned out.
    Those ones are really beautiful, so is your model.

  12. Waw! Diesel! That's an amazing opportunity you got there! I really like these pictures, she looks like a dreamgirl who lost her way in a metropole. xx

  13. I love your photos. Congratulations on the campaign and all your success at such a young age.

  14. I have missed your posts! These photos are as brilliant as ever! I can't wait to see what you shot for the campaign.

    (Didn't you say that you were going to shoot for Vogue before you were an adult? I'm so happy that came true for you!)

  15. oh, I love these!!
    I'm so happy for you about the diesel campaign, that is absolutely amazing and well-deserved 🙂

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