lake tahoe

in lake tahoe the heat doesn’t get all the way through your skin. it sort of just falls over you and stays clinging onto the hairs of your arms, your jeans, your browning shoulders. it’s nice when you’ve lived your entire life with the kind of watery heat that gets into your blood and makes you sweat.

i stayed in my friend’s holiday house in lake tahoe a few months ago. it was summertime and we were so close to the sun my skin burnt for the first time. the trees grew all the way into the sky and in the early morning grizzly bears would wander through the yard. the yard became the lake and on the lake sat a trampoline. when we first arrived we swam out to it and all jumped together, laughing loudly, pushing one another into the lake.

at mealtimes the kitchen would be heavy with smell, the chefs would lay out dishes along the benches and we’d all lick our lips and eat until we had to unbutton tight jeans. sometimes i’d impatiently stand by them as they cooked, excited for whatever was coming.

when i woke in the morning we’d all run down to the boat and go wakeboarding or waterskiing. i’d fall into the lake face first and come up for air laughing.

when i wakeboarded i felt strange, as though the water was really land and i could walk across it. afterwards i’d lay in my swimmers on the deck of the boat listening to music and soaking in the warm.

we had a tennis coach who gave me lessons some afternoons, she was flown from australia and hearing the familiarity of her accent was a little piece of home in an blissfully unusual world. when the sun was long gone we’d sit in the hot tub, drinking red wine and watching for shooting stars. it felt like we were in the middle of the woods. there was a meteor shower and the sky caught on fire.

one dayi took my camera with me kayaking across the lake. there was so little between me and the water that my heart sat in my throat the entire time. but i clung to my camera like i needed it to live and finally pulled into the rocky beginnings of the yard without regret.

i fell in love with the people and the lake. everything just breathed there. just when i thought i’d lost feeling it gave it all back to me, fistfuls of it. it was the most beautiful summer.

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  7. Thank you for reminding me about the Desert, and about the way she loves you with her merciless sun. It made me dream about New Mexico, a place where my hair got golden.
    And thank you for painstakingly producing your pictures to look and feel like memories – in angle, movement and color. I know what kind of effort it is.

  8. beautiful images – beautiful words.. like poetry.. I'm gripped to every entry you write x

  9. oh wow! this is breathtaking- like every single other post you have ever made.
    In the photo of the girl with the red glasses , is that you in the reflection holding the camera? If so, you are so tanned!

  10. Oh, girl, you are one of the greatest photographers I know, you are poetic with your art, and I'm not just flattering you, you are really, really honest in your work. Love it!!

  11. i can practically feel the sun! cherish these moments, and that kind of nature, it's not around as much as you'd like.

  12. It's great to see new work from you again. These are all beautiful, as are your words. I especially love the image of your friend sleeping with the red blanket.

  13. wish i could be there too, i always loved the water, beach's, rivers, lakes, falls, they make me feel im alive. I'm too much of a water person, maybe.

  14. oh, wow. how is it that you make everything ordinary seem so extraordinary?
    i'm going to lake tahoe this winter, so hopefully it will be as magical for me as it was for you! xx

  15. oh Nirrimi, thank you for sharing this amazing post! I ve missed you 😀
    So happy to hear from you again! Thank you for everything!

  16. amazing photography! i love the colours in the pictures. keep on the good work, your blog is one of my favourites! 🙂
    xxx isabel

  17. wow, the colours in your pictures look so amazing, they just look so alive! and i love the way you write, it gives you the feeling of being there and seeing it with your own eyes…really really beautiful!

  18. You've showed me a piece of beauty again. I'm simply amazed.
    Who is that girl with short hair lying with her eyes closed, covered with red blanket? I think it's a third picture. She's lovely.

  19. I think you are what I want to become, it may sound strange but it's the best way I can say it. Fantastic photos, I am amazed.

  20. wow, everytime i am about to read one of your blogpost i have to get comfortable first because they're so interesting and are just so so beautiful in so many ways.

  21. your posts on here fill me to the brim with dreams and excitement and jealousy
    i close my eyes for just a moment and imagine what it would be like to live your life
    you have such enchanting stories, it would be wonderful to meet you one day

  22. Looking at your life Nirrimi, you make me dream and feel beautiful.

    Thank you for living!!!

    Your photos never cease to amaze me . . . .never . . .

    What an inspiration. xoxoxo

  23. you write amazing as well as you take amazing pictures. I think you easily could write a really good novel, the way you describe things just catch my breath.

  24. i can feel the heat already! you have captured your summer away perfectly! gorgeous colours, great tones. beautiful as always.

    keep these posts coming!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  25. I loved reading this, and your photos are so amazing. I think they captured what you're trying to share perfectly.

  26. Wow, these are some amazing images. You are very talented.
    By the way I was reading through your blog. you have great posts. Keep it up.
    I love your blog template also. It is sleek and inviting. Check out my blog if you want.

    Comments and
    I have followed your AMAZING blog as well. 😀

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