little creatures

as it happens, my family have collected ten or so rats since i’ve left. fat, furred things with little teeth and sharp claws. i’m somewhat obsessed with them and have been walking around with one on my shoulder.

hayley (who you’ll recognise from my old work) came over and i took these images against the loungeroom wall. it began raining outside and i decided to film. what i filmed was more beautiful than these are, but i thought you’d like to see them regardless.

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  1. Nirrimi, these are so amazing and you are my biggest inspiration. I am 15 years old and aspire to be a photographer. I’d love to know what camera you use and if you use any editing programs or special filters. Please reply, if I could take photos like you and Matt i would be so happy.

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  4. Your pictures are really nice, you are very good at conveying emotions with the eyes of your models, especially with this photo and the one with the littel girl at the airport

  5. i am not going to say these images were inspired by an image i'd never seen before. with the millions of images out there it is hard to know everytime you are taking one, that nothing similar has ever been done.

    i deleted the comment which linked to pictures of mice. it is unfair that people assume i've copied. i've used rats in pictures before, my family breeds them.

    thanks to the people who liked the pictures. 🙂

  6. Can't wait to see more, to see the movie. You are pure magic, Nirrimi. You truly are. You make lot of people dreaming, and hoping, and giving them strongness and courage. Is it because of you.
    Thank you Nirrimi!

  7. I wasn't suggesting she had copied, I was merely wondering if she had been inspired by that photo, or if it was just a complete coincidence 🙂

  8. what does plagiarism mean ?
    the only thing which is similar at this photos only rats… and actually
    nirrimi had a shot with a rat many times ago
    don't be jealous people

  9. I'm sure you hardly ever reply these comments, as you get so many. But I want you to know that you are such an inspiration. I just spent my entire double biology period reading and enjoying your blog.
    I'm from Tokyo, and am half-Japanese, half-American. I model here, and the photographers are great, but there's something about your work that is so attractive. Maybe it's the romantic factor??
    Anyhoo, love your work. Will definitely be reading your blog regularly 🙂

  10. Love this girl's look, very similar to your old stuff but still like it. Can't wait to see the new video!

  11. you put your heart&soul into these marvelous creations.
    😀 theres no way you can chuck out your dreams now. coz you're going to succeed no matter what.
    ^^ we look up to you nirrimi.

  12. Gorgeous! Every time you snap a picture, it turns out beyond amazing! I can't wait to see your video! Are we ever going to see your new york pictures?

  13. your photos are so beautiful, these are gentle but at the same time striking and so eye catching.

  14. Gorgeous photos as always! : ) Funny to see how your photographs are everywhere, a couple of days ago I even saw one of your photographs on a poster here in Norway!

  15. This is amazing Nirrimi! Really amazing. Pure poetry (even if they are rats) ^^The model is one of my fav. I love her!

    I m exciting to seeing the film!!!

    Take care

  16. these are lovely!! she's so beautiful and unique looking. I can't wait to see the film 🙂

  17. Pet rats are absolutely adorable, and these are no exception. Beautiful photos once again Nirrimi! 🙂

  18. p.s. all those mean people (you know who you are)- this is not the first time Nirrimi is using rat(s) in her photos

  19. These shots are amazing, and I must say you've awaken my interest in seeing the film you made here. By any chance we're gonna see it?

    However, about those anonymous people – shut up! It's impossible to do something that hasn't been done before. Should we also credit every single photographer from beginning of time when we shoot a regular and boring portrait?! Come on, give the chick a chance – there's is no resemblance between those photos shown and Nirrimi except they're both using animals as probs. Christ.

    xx, Nadia Lavard.

  20. I love the second photo, the light is beautiful! Was the first one shot with a prime by any chance?

  21. Ah, these are amazing! I don't like rats at all, but these photos are so beautiful.

    Looking forward to see the film!

  22. Yay, I used to have pet rats when I was little too! They're so cute. Beautiful photos – I really can't wait to see the film xx

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