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  3. oh gurrrrrl these are amazing!
    you're aussie aren't you? so talented. I voted for you in that competition! 🙂

  4. Amazing photography you did! I agree with the above, the forth is just magic!

  5. Amazing photos, colours are wonderful !! Love it
    Have a look to my music blog if u want 🙂

  6. love it.. love it, love it, love it!
    (I hope you're okey with me linking to your page from mine. I just want to share the awesomeness!)

  7. Pia is an amazing model, also the other picture with her are really amazing!
    What about the little film you did at home with the rattles? ooh I m so curious I'd such love to see it! ^^ Your last film was just…I don't know..Perfect? so lovely so impressive, strong but soft. I m really waiting to see the second one! And we all think (I guess) you are an amazing film-maker, so you are soon be known for your movie!! Don't worry about that!!

    I wish you as always the best for you!

    Take care

  8. Seriously beautiful. Have you heard about the contest you entered the other day?

  9. ooh I love the colors in the first and last two, and I think the 3rd is my favorite!! the one of her smiling is adorable 🙂

  10. Your work is incredible! Everything is perfect: the poses, the light, the edition… i love it to bits!

  11. Love it! What is with you and the colour red? You go well together . . .whether it be in artwork, or on you yourself!!!
    Love the one of her leaning into the bush smiling. It's a picture perfect picture 🙂

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