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  3. this is so amazing! what camera do you use? (i don't mean that in a "its-because-of-the-camera-you-are-great" kinda way).
    love the feeling in you photos!


  4. my goodness young lady, your talent is amazing! i've been telling everyone about you and your beautiful photographs.

  5. very your style i clicked on this no knowing who it was but saw the work and it reminded me of your work

    you officially have ur won style =0



  6. You're awesome girl, i really like your job. It's pretty amazing!. You have an amazing talent! 🙂 FELICIDADES

  7. So you won that photography competition that you entered not long ago? The one where you win a stay in NYC at the Edge?

    These are unusual and interesting photographs. Cool.

  8. Congrats on winning the Photography Competition I was so excited for you when I scrolled down to see your photo in the email, you truly deserved it. I love the photo of the girls in their pink dresses together, they look so innocent and untainted. wish i was a kid again

  9. these are so amazing, and wow – it wasnt a surprise that you won the contest! are you ever gonna have a meetup there in NYC? it'd be so cool to meet THE nirrmi. and whatever happened to matt deleting his twitter? .-. well nice job nirrimi!

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