Midnight Streets

I took these of my friend Nicole under the lights of a small suburban street in the Blue Mountains. It was following a day of filming and I couldn’t bear for the day to come to an end, I just wanted to keep on creating forever.

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  1. Hi Nirrimi,
    lovely as always
    can you tell me what kind of lightining went in those shots for such a lovely result?

    kind regards from your true fan from Brazil <3

  2. dear nicole,
    i appreciate your clarification regarding the scenario depicted here. but once released to the world, every imagery is subject to interpretation by it’s audience. you cannot insist on your narrative alone, we are all free to react on these images and other works of art as we like. this is not meant to offend you, or take away what you see in these pictures. but the moment you expose an image to an audience you can no longer say “this is all there is to it”, because each of us adds to it something of his own by simply looking at it. a lot of things co-exist in these pictures, and i would like to bring some of them up to discussion. that’s all. this isn’t about the relationship between you and nirrimi, or you as a person.

  3. “…and I couldn’t bear for the day to come to an end, I just wanted to keep on creating forever.”

    feeling you, as always <3

    Lots of love to you!


  4. Yo. Nice Nirrimi!!!! I love the way you write!!!!!! And Anne, i’m just pointing put, and I can’t speak Nirrimi’s mind but I don’t think that she really thinks like. I love her!!! (We r besties!!! Haha, jokes

  5. These comments have been in the back of my mind for a little while now. I’m really thankful for other’s honesty, for new perspective. I did a shoot two days ago and strength and power and fearlessness were at the forefront of my mind because of it.

    Marisa is right, vulnerability and fragility have been a very big part of my story and my past, and perhaps subconsciously why I am drawn to imagery that portrays it. I’m sure it is also a part of Nicole’s life (and most girl’s) and I was only drawing it out. But my story has been evolving, I am stronger now, and it is something I should be conscious of in my art. It is something I’d like to share more.

    Thank you guys for the perspective. 🙂

  6. Many have commented that these photos feel more like your earlier ones. I noticed that, too. Others have remarked on the tension explored with vulnerability, beauty, withdrawal, tenderness, hurt, and power. The themes recur frequently in your art.

    I have often thought that you are sharing your own story through your art. I don’t know anything except what you have written about here, but I get the sense that the raw pain, the gritty vulnerability, the romantic beauty, and…all the rest…are somehow more about your own story than about how things ought to be. As though your heart cannot be silent about these things.

    I love that about you and respect that about your work.

  7. Often where you can see her eyes there is fear in her eyes, I feel like I am doing something wrong by looking at her and seeing her nudity without her wanting me to. Nicole says it wasn’t actually like that, but that is what many viewers take away. You usually portray women as dainty and fragile and feminine and vulnerable, but these photos seem to take it one step further where in some photos some viewers feels like they are intimidating her and have power over her. Nicole says it was all about love, innocence, child like laughter & happiness, ‘something real & something honest’ between two friends – but there is no laughter and happiness in these images, only sadness. There is no knowing smiles between friends.

    Why do you like to usually portray women like this? It feels like it sends the message..that female beauty is to be weak and frail and need protecting. I can’t identify with that work anymore.

  8. Very Bill Henson! I do like them but I too would like to see some strength in your portrayals. There is a time for vulnerability, and there is a time for courage.

  9. Dear World,

    This shoot was done between two friends, after a fun day shooting together & creating magic. There was only trust & love & a few street lights to dance under.

    The nudity was mine, mine alone and no one else’s. To say otherwise is a lie, a false accusation & not the truth. Nudity is pure & powerful. It is only vulnerable if you want it to be.

    The only feelings I shared that night were of excitement, running bare backed down the midnight street, feet naked & stinging cold on the pavement under them, knowing that they would burn & tingle & feel all sorts of funny things in the hot tub afterwards. Feelings of love, innocences, child like laughter & happiness, knowing our friends were tucked up warm in our little home behind us in the mountains.

    These images are just a story, between two girls. Two friends who for a fleeting moment captured something beautiful, something real & something honest.

    And that’s all there is to it!


  10. I was just telling someone that the reason I like your photography so much is that it seems you could take any location and any light source, and make something beautiful with it. It’s a good reminder to me that one doesn’t always need to be traveling to make beautiful images, which I often forget. These are lovely, especially the first and last.

  11. Nirrimi, these photos are so poetic… I can feel some kind of nostalgy looking at them. I love how you capture all the feelings hidden in model’s eyes, body language and even the smallest gestures. Keep creating, you are doing something magical!

  12. Dear Nirrimi, I follow your blog for many years now and I love your pictures. They show such an intimacy that only few photographers in this world are able to capture – and this series is just another example of how images can create direct and powerful links between the viewer and the one to be viewed.

    But I think the point alex has raised above was very interesting and important. Why does Nicole look so vulnerable and why do we actually like it? How come it is always women who are depicted that way? Weak, innocent, fearful, passive. In most pictures, the model looks away, covers herself, is nude and hidden at the same time. I feel that we associate the female body with vulnerability while the male body represents strength and action. I am wondering whether strong, confident female bodies (or vulnerable male bodies) would still be considered beautiful and touching, or just “wrong” in some way. Being a woman myself I find it very problematic to live in a society where female weakness is always opposed to male strength, because it is from this mindset where discriminations and harassments are nourished.

    I’m not putting you in charge for feeding this mindset, but observing this (general, global) pattern again and again worries me. Each time I catch myself liking images of vulnerable girls I ask myself why I am rather turning down images of, let’s say, feminist activists showing their breasts as a means of protest. There are certainly political arguments for this (e.g. FEMEN often seems really paternalistic) but not really aesthetic arguments. Maybe this world needs more images of confident women so that strength becomes the new beauty.

  13. Wow, these pictures are so marvelous! Thank you for sharing such a stunningly emotional shoot. 🙂

  14. These are beautiful. My favorites are the ones with shadows across her face, but I love them all. This is the first time I’ve ever commented on any of your things, but I’ve been inspired by your photos for years.

  15. This photoset feels nostalgic back to your old blog posts. I’m digging to see your works more. I’m sure i’m not the only one 🙂


  16. hi nirrimi. good shots, very romantic and vulnerable. i noticed that you depict your subjects as such very often. while these qualities are obvious, i find another less pleasant dimension in these shots. her body language describes hurt and tenderness. while you mention emotional nudity and honesty as something that keeps making you stronger, the nudity here doesn’t look powerful, or her own, to me. i don’t know how to portray powerful vulnerability, i often struggle with these questions myself. there are of course no clear lines in these matters. but these are aspects i would rather face than avoid by pulling the good old “in the eye of the beholder”. i would like to stress that there are a lot of qualities to this body of works, all existing simultaneously.

  17. Lovely work. They remind me of your older work too, but in a very good way. Like you’re back. I could look at your pictures all day.

  18. these are utterly beautiful in a most hauntingly way. The lighting gently falls on the skin, yet giving me shivers as if telling a story through it.

  19. Nirimi Joy Firebrace, these images are excruciatingly, heartwrenchingly, lovely and touching. They make my heart soar and ache simultaneously. Thank you so much for sharing your eyes with us.

  20. These remind me of your older photos, especially the first few. Beautiful!

    Please please please share more of your work, Nirrimi. They’re such a pleasure to look at <3

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