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in march i was commissioned to shoot myer’s miss shop lookbook with four amazing fashion bloggers. we shot over two days, the first in the historic elizabeth bay house with margaret zhang (shine by three) & charmaine james (heart + bleeker). the second day we shot at an old shipyard on the harbour with jessica stein (tuula) & rumi neely (fashiontoast). these girls were all so sweet and lovely, i felt so lucky to be the one photographing them.

alba was only a month old, and such a little wide eyed thing. if she was hungry i would feed her and m would carry on shooting for me. this is the beauty of having a partner who is also a photographer. there were many who told me i’d have to give up shooting once i had a baby, it felt so good to prove them wrong.


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  1. I am curious to find out what blog system you’re utilizing?
    I’m experiencing some small security problems with my latest site and I’d like to find something more risk-free.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Amazing job, as always. Your family is beautiful, and I’m glad you’re proving all the skeptics wrong. People always say when you get married or have a child, you have to give up on your dreams. I’ve never agreed on that.

  3. michaela, m usually films so he is credited with the film and i am credited with imagery. sometimes if we shoot together on a job the client will only credit me, which bothers me but doesn’t bother m. luckily it doesn’t happen very often any more.

  4. thank-you helena.
    i am very personal and open online, which is a choice i have made with great thought to the positives and negatives. however it is not my place to be personal and open when it comes to others.

  5. I came to say these photos are beautiful (which they are) but saw Audi’s comment and even though it may be none of my business, I feel like I should try and write something more.

    This is a post about Miss Shop, it has nothing to do with Alba or Lily (Matt’s other daughter) – and I don’t think it is anyone else’s business to publicly ask N or M about personal matters like this. As much as we get curious, it doesn’t always mean we have to ask the question. I’m not trying to be mean or rude, I just don’t think bringing up something that sounds prying deserves to be mentioned on something so beautiful and unrelated.

    I’m sure Lily knows her Dad loves her very much, we don’t know about M’s relationship with her, but having seen what kind-hearted people N & M are, I highly doubt Lily feels unloved. It’s not our business and I don’t think it ever should be if it’s not openly discussed. Unfortunately these kind of things arise when someone puts themselves out there like N & M do. It’s beautiful to be let in on their lives, but biting the hand that feeds is not a wise idea.

    Once again though, it’s not my place and I hope I haven’t caused anger or offence. I just wanted to express my love for this blog and offer my support to amazing artists.

  6. just wondering – how do you split the credit between you two, is the one filling in also mentioned or how do you handle these things? i ask this out of genuine interest, i truly love your photos and the way you & your boyfriend work together!

  7. Reading these comments above, about your work in team with M, make me envy you both, ’cause there’nothing better than 2 souls sharing same passion and energy. And the results are all this pictures taken by you or/and by M…. Completely stunning!

    Hope to meet you one day…

  8. nirrimi when you have to choose… which is your absolutly favourite lense?

    would love to hear an answer from such a good photographer! Love your images!!!

    can you imagine to show your house/living in a flat-post? 🙂 would be so interesting!

  9. Dearest N,

    I have followed your work for the past 2 years and you have inspired me to shoot since the very beginning. Shoot for me, and not for anyone else. I am so happy you have started blogging again. Your work is incredible.

    I love not only your photos, but your words, your thoughts. You have such a beautiful mind.

    I would love to meet M, A and yourself oneday. You beautiful souls xx


  10. claire & charmaine, i’d love to see you both when we come to perth in december! please tell me you’ll be there! 🙂 you’re both too sweet.

  11. Nirrimi, these are stunning and so are you! I feel so blessed to have met and worked with you, I seriously could not have asked for a more amazing photographer. I hope you, M and Alba are all doing well and perhaps I will be lucky to catch up with you again…!


  12. me & m always shoot as a team, and i hope we always will. this is because we take the best images while working together (whether m is shooting, filmmaking or assisting). neither of us is a better photographer than the other, and it is a strength to have two artists ideas instead of only one.
    no one ever feels ripped off having both of us shooting. if anything, quite the contrary. so many of our clients have said how thankful they were to have us both there. if you saw us working together you’d get it 😉

  13. alicia, none of these were taken by me – I only filled in so no time was wasted and there were more image options. regardless, miss shop knew beforehand that I’d be filling in for a short time during feeds. similarly, you wouldn’t know if it wasn’t mentioned. try picking which of the diesel photos were taken by me! we have been living and shooting together for years, and for years prior used to stay up until the early hours of the morning sending our new photos (usually fresh from the photoshop press) to each other over msn, swapping techniques and color presets until one of us would fall silent and the other would realise they’d fallen asleep. we are us and our styles are one (with, of course, some individual differences).

  14. I disagree with the above poster criticising, as you and Matt complement each other and at the end of the day, voila images spectacular. Matt and you are like twin souls behind the camera. Good on youse for breaking stereotypes, boundaries, and making it happen as young parents xxx

  15. Ohh nirrimi, i had been so hoping to have you as my photographer for the miss shop shoot. Your work has been a continual source of inspiration for me and i would have loved to have met you! These are beauitful images. Rumi’s video is also incredible, she seems like such a sweetheart xxx

  16. Alicia what does it matter when both are such wonderful photographers? Miss Shop is getting amazing images for their shop all the same! When a baby needs to feed, they need to feed!

  17. if i was miss shop i would ripped off paying for a photographer to take images only to find that some are taken by her boyfriend. its like paying for one of picasso’s painting finding out later that he only partially painted it.

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