my brother’s birthday

today my once-super-cute little brother turns the rotten old age of seventeen. luckily he is a kind of peter pan who refuses to grow up and lives in another world (online). he spends all his time there, with short gaps inbetween where we might catch a short but sweet conversation with him.

happy birthday zake, thank you for sharing a mother and father and a childhood with me. thankyou for making cheesy jokes about your online girlfriends and forever laughing at yourself so we don’t feel bad doing the same. and sorry for throwing a full bottle at your head when you were only 2 days old, but atleast it explains a lot of things. kidding.

don’t grow up too fast, it’s overrated anyway.

love, nirrimi.

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  2. okay i had to comment again because..gaah the last picture is soo beautiful!! Such a sweet moment and detail of your young life 🙂 adorable

  3. wow time and time again I am impressed by your family photos…did your mama take these, if so she is a great photographer…that and I am a sucker for old photographs

  4. so so so cute! happy birthday to your little brother and I hope he grows up to be just as amazing as you are! xx

  5. so great pictures, I don't have e good one when I was yonger.
    Sometimes i'm just like him, live in other world!

  6. When I was younger I always wanted a little brother… Yeah your brother isn't young young but younger then you,if you know what i mean 🙂
    Having a younger brother is wonderfull,I think but I have to do it with my nine years older sister. But I do love her!
    Happy birthday to your brother

  7. aaaaaaaaw cuuuuute lil bro!! I guess having a brother, or a sister (as I have) is really amazing! they are forever friends, and the link between you and he will be always there.

  8. I've never in my enitre life seen such a good blog. I came over this blog yesterday evening, and I've almost read through it already. I love the way you write, and your pictures are so inspiering! I haven't got so much inspiration on a really long time! I will keep reading your blog until you stop blogging.
    -Hope I don't sound like a stalker or something, but i'm just telling the truth.

    And sorry for my bad english, norwegian girl, 16 years old.

  9. This is so sweet &
    I wish your brother the happiest birthday 🙂
    17 isn't too bad, is it? haha I would love to be 17 again.

  10. Wow, that's so sweet of you! Old family photos
    are the best, and yours are so stunning and

    (Is that your mum in the 4th photo? She's

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