my dear old father

each time he was near (between one of his trips far away) he’d leave me with a world of knowledge. an entire lifetime of experience like no other. i missed him a lot as a small child, but he does more good for society than he would for just me.

i’ve been hoping he’d come home since i was a child and now he finally is.

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  1. Hello from Scotland, I have just come across your blog through a link i found on ‘thelittlest’ for your birth story. Your Dad is quite well known here (Britain) and i have been reading articles on him fro a few years now! I love that he is your Father! It makes you even more special! I would like to thank you for your post about having children young. I share the exact same views and at 18 have got countless lists of baby names, countless book on parenthood and the majority of blogs i follow online are parenthood ones!
    You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you

  2. LOL, Sorry. But how did the penis enhancement even make its way to your blog?

    Apart from that, and this being quite old, he does seem like a wonderful person, coming from Hawaii, and having my own respect for the Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiians) and most of their culture, this held a few things that I felt were in relation to them as well. He seems like an amazing person, very friendly. 🙂 Hope that he is doing well?

  3. Now i see. i couldn’t work out how you could be so young yet so wise…. and amazing x

  4. He lives not far from me, what a truly inspirational man. I bet you’re incredibly proud to call him your father. I am slowly making my way through your blog and every post is inspiring me further and further.
    Thank you

  5. your father seems amazing.
    filled with such kindness and love to share.
    sending positive energy from thousands of miles away.

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  7. I've just been reading through your blog and have been so inspired by everything you've shared. This video is the 'cherry on top'. Best wishes to your Dad and all of your family. What an amazing man. That is the way we were meant to be.

  8. I don't know whether it is the songs I've been listening to for the past hour but this video made me cry. Your father's spirit is what the world lack of. I do not pray often as I would want to but tonight I will pray a silent prayer for him to be well.

  9. Nirrimi, your dad is such a beautiful soul. May the time you have together be blessed.
    You whole family must be amazing, huh?

  10. We can definitely see where you get some of your inspiration and beautiful nature from, Nirrimi. Your father seems like a truly wonderful man. Somebody who isn't afraid to live life the way it's meant to be lived. Someone who isn't afraid to spread love and wisdom wherever he goes. What a wonderful family you must have.
    So happy to hear he is home with you now; all my love and prayers sent his way and for all of you. ♥

  11. This was just so beautiful I had to share it myself, so I hope you don't mind that I posted it on my blog with a little blurb about how wonderful you and your father are. :]

  12. I imagine your whole family being amazing, inspirational and freedom-encouraging people. You are truly and inspiration along with your father.
    Thank you for sharing Nirrimi!


  13. hello! i am new to your blog so i wnated to say hi. I really, really liek the photos i see here!
    keep up with great work!

  14. Unbelievably inspiring. I've never been happier to stop everything I was doing to watch this. I may have watched it a few times :]

  15. there is nothing more beautiful that i have found like your father's story and thinking about how it intertwines with yours.

    you both share similar facial features.
    i appreciate you for sharing this!

  16. wow what an amazing video- no wonder you are so inspirational to so many people! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Ohh Nirrimi! Your father is absolutely amazing. Your family is so special. 🙂 All the best to your family xx

  18. It's been a long time since you saw him last time, right? And now you're going to meet, it's great 🙂 I'm happy for you.

  19. Wow, Nirrimi, if your dad ever comes to Townsville to hold a show, or is just available for a chat, I must know!!!!

  20. this is beautiful nirrimi, its amazing to see what kind of people you come from! youre father is really something

  21. You have an amazing family!! And your dad must be so proud of you. You both are an inspiration, each one with an unique way of being so.

    xoxo from Brazil,

  22. Your father is such an inspirational human being and is definately unique. I love how he is a spiritual man and his background and wisdom are just so fascinating!
    Best Wishes
    (love your blog and your personality! – – only a starter and small blog)

  23. I was surprised how wise, loving and creative you are and now I see and understand where that is coming from 🙂 Best wishes!

  24. amazing. All the best to him.

    The world is so much more awesome with people like you and your father, Nirrimi. 🙂

  25. wow you have his eyes. he seems to be fantasic loveing and careing. so inspiratinoal just like you. best wishes for your dad.

  26. I'm sure he's incredibly proud of you for your accomplishments. Relax and enjoy him. He deserves all of the love he can get right now. Best wishes.

    -L O V E

  27. to echo @the photodiarist, this video has really helped me to understand your perspective a bit more. Your dad seems like a really interesting and inspiring person to know, I hope you are able to enjoy spending this time with him 🙂

  28. This is so fantastic. Your entire family seems to be an incredible collection of incredible people. I know you've written about them before, but I would wish to hear more about them (and you). I just cannot get enough. It would make me so happy to get to meet him someday, but I can't see that happening anytime soon, unfortunately.

  29. What a wonderfully inspirational man. I hope he gets better so he can continue his amazing work, and so that you can spend some more time with him. I can understand a lot more about you from seeing this 🙂

  30. I've been sort of watching and waiting for more of his story on vimeo. It's so special. The five minute teaser is wonderful, though that ending. I'm sending warm thoughts to him and hoping it reaches all the way to the other side of the world.

  31. I understand a little bit more about you and your work after watching this. He's really a beautiful man.

  32. He possesses such a potent spiritual and enlightened aura that when I saw him some time ago, I was immediately overwhelmed with the impulse and urge to speak with him, to sit and converse with him or hear one of his stories. His cup is full of a fervor for life, of life itself, and it overflows to those who pass him and all around him.

    Though the end scenes of this were somewhat sobering, I suspect he's a soul who will confront any foe or illness with resilience and wit and wisdom! Godspeed and healing to, and prayers, for him.

    You are your father's daughter, he must be very proud.


  33. What a beautiful person!
    Savour the gift that is
    your father. 😀 Thank
    you for sharing a bit of
    him with us here.

  34. Oh wow Nirrimi. What a wonderful man. No wonder you became the girl you are, with the influences you've had (even from afar). I hope you get some amazing times with him now. And I hope if there are more parts to this film you will post them as well! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  35. You are an amazing girl. I m sure both of your parents (mom and dad) are special. Your dad looks so nice <3

  36. Your father is someone I would love to meet in real life. You're incredibly lucky, we need more people like him.
    Send him our love x

  37. Wow! Your pa sure is amazing.
    I really hope he's going okay.
    He should do an Australian story or something so I can see learn more of him!
    TTGB X

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