my zelda

pictures for a friend. a walk in the afternoon, up a winding road into the parkland.

if you don’t already know the enviously pretty and talented zelda williams, you’re unlucky. happy birthday z and thankyou for letting me live with you for a short while, you’re so much good.

you’re going to change the world.

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  1. She is so beautiful I can’t breathe. I’ve read through her blog too, and her words are as magic as yours.

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  4. 2nd rth 5th and 6th are my fav

    lovely pics…in the moment
    grest depth of field and i love the colour


  5. heeey, you told us you were going to upload your tutorials if you had won and you won…so IM STILL WAITING

    gossip cat

  6. I found your blog through the Zelda photos. They are great, especially the second one, im totally in love with it. Now I viewed the other photos here, and the are awesome, too. You are very talendted!

  7. there's something really unique and vintage about the way you take your photos.

    happy birthday, z!

  8. oh Nirrimi. I m so happy to see these amazing pictures. are fabulous. great girl too. Love them love the atmosphere.

  9. Beautiful images. Free, youthful, delicate. I'm always excited to see your new creations.

  10. This post makes me so indescribably contented. She looks like a red riding hood that got lost her way on her grandmother's house. But I keep thinking that that is good, cuz there was a wolf there waiting to eat her anyway. And I love her high waisted pants!
    I'm loving these fast and furious posts by the way! You are keeping your camera around your neck, aren't you? 🙂

  11. as usual, these photos are absolutely stunning. your ability to capture the feeling of a moment in a photo is just amazing. i especially love the second photo.

  12. Two and four are wonderful.
    Lovee cowboys boots & she is stunning.

  13. all your words makes me feel like changing the world or be a hero or stuff. keep dreaming & the optimism, nirrimi 🙂

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