nothing days

the last few days have been big, fat nothing days. thanks a large part to me being sick, but also because matt is out of town and i’ve come to rely on him a lot to function.

yeah, i’ve read enough ‘how to be happy’/’how to have a perfect life’ self help books (is that weird?) to know you should never be dependant on anyone or anything else for your happiness, only yourself. everything else can be fickle and yadda yah. but it’s easier said than done. especially because we’re not exactly the stereotypical teenage boyfriend and girlfriend.

i don’t want to be cheesy and cliche and say we’re ‘one’ but in a weird but completely natural way we kind of are. i always say: it’s us against the world. like we are in our own little bubble. we’re always safe and happy when we are together. sometimes it’s a bad thing, the contentness leaves us little interest in doing much else. we’ll work as much as we have to to pay for rent and food but what else do we need if we’ve got each other? it’s almost like it dulls all other aspects of life. it’s like heroin, or something. sorry if i make you gag.

as much as i hate letting my passion suffer, i know it’s not for nothing and i know when i get it back it will come flooding (kind of like that incredible hailstorm/flood we had the other day that we had to swim home from grocery shopping in). i’m thinking new york will be my breath of fresh air and i am so excitement my butterflies have butterflies. matt is saving to come with me in november and i can imagine it will have the same effect on him. watch out new york!

not sure if you noticed but i took a few days hiatus from this blog, i’ve been stressing a little about what to post about. i keep thinking, people are following your blog because of your work, don’t update until you have more pictures. but i kind of want to update about me. and since this is my blog i decided i should post about whatever the hell i want to, so expect some rather off topic posts from me.

i have to get some beauty z’s because my lover is home tomorrow and i’m going to clean the apartment and cook! how housewife. and unyoung. oh well, maybe my blog name is misleading…

so i guess that’s all i wanted to say, here’s a picture of my shoulder.

(just thought it’d be funny to end the blog saying that. really though, it’s a picture matt took, early us. it was the time when we were homeless here in melbourne, and were sleeping on a different stranger’s floor/couch every few nights. very interesting time for us. might blog about it one day.)

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